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Today, I’m hosting author S.M. McCoy’s latest release Kingdom of Acatalec, book one in the Kingdom of Acatalec series, a sci-fi, fantasy romance. Be sure to read my review. And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: Kingdom of Acatalec
Series: Kingdom of Acatalec
Author: S.M. McCoy
Genre(s): Sci-fi Romance, Fantasy Romance
Length: 328 pages
Release Date: October 23, 2022
Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Blurb:  I work with aliens, my best friend is held hostage, and everyone wants to murder me before the Lord Prince can magically bond to share my power?

If I had known an illegal drone race would lead to murder, kidnapping, and lies, then I might have thought better about the giant prize of credits, and the dream of walking again. I never met my best friend in person until a drone race gone wrong had both of us vying for our lives against a secret alien society. To make matters worse… my boss was one of them, and I couldn’t decide if he was trying to save my life, or the reason I was in trouble to begin with.

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“Ms. Beryl, will you see me in my office?” The deep voice was all of a sudden much more recognizable now that I had time to think about it. I’d heard it often enough in company memos and quarterly video conferences.

It would be my luck that the one drone having issues would be my boss doing an impromptu screen check of the services and how his drones were performing. Such an overachiever, and much too sexy of a voice to have to listen to him firing me when he made it up the elevator.

“Of course, sir. I’ll just finish up this diagnostic screening and transfer my overlays.” I tried to sound all official, like nothing was wrong, because there was still a chance. Even if it was a small one, that maybe he was too preoccupied. That was a big maybe and, given his attention to detail, highly unlikely.

“No need. I’ve already finished transferring your data.”

Shit. That was not promising.

“Please head straight there. I won’t be long.” The calming chime noises of the door closing on the drone signaled the conversation was over. And just like he said, all of my drones in my sector blinked, disappearing from my overlay viewer.

Game over.

I was no longer the one in charge of monitoring them.


I don’t read much sci-fi romance, but I liked the blurb, so I decided to give it a read for a book blog tour.  I will say it’s more sci-fi with romantic elements than a sci-fi romance.  There’s great world-building and a whole cast of characters to learn.

Tyler works for a company in the city.  She is wheelchair-bound and loves drone racing.  One slip-up at work and her hard-assed boss, the mysterious Mr. Azel, doesn’t fire her, but she’s no longer working for the company.  Instead, she’s under his direct supervision.

When Tyler’s best friend Kelly informs Tyler of a drone race that could enable Tyler to walk, Tyler’s all for entering.  But there’s much going on.  A lot.  Kelly’s been kidnapped and Tyler’s determined to save her best friend.  This leads her far from the city and to a world she’s not expecting, and I sure didn’t expect.

The world-building is enormous, and it has to be.  There’s a lot to take in.  Such as drones.  The Neural Glo.  The aliens.  The different societies.  The various powers the aliens possess.  I will admit because there were so many characters, I did get lost now and then, but the author is talented enough to keep a reader on track through the plot.  Just concentrate on Tyler.  She’s the gal who’s telling the story.

The pacing was the right amount of fast and then needing to slow down for a reader to digest what’s going on.  I must say once Tyler left the city, the action became intense.

There is a connection between Tyler and her boss Mr. Azel.  But she also is drawn to Lord Wyndall, the prince who’s hosting the drone race.  I’m not sure if there will be a love triangle of some sort because the action focused on saving Kelly, and also focussed on Tyler unearthing secrets she didn’t know about her family or herself, along with her boss.

It’s a heavy read, so prepare yourself to sit down and immerse yourself.  There’s a lot to take in.  It’s a creative piece and the author did a great job creating a new world and society for readers to enjoy.  If you enjoy sci-fi with romantic elements, you’ll enjoy this novel.


Stevie Marie is a paranormal fantasy author born within the apex of another universe, where magic flows like leaky faucets. Forged from the fires of the Underrealm she dug her way to Earth reluctantly participating in human society, secretly returning to her home world within her mind to relay the stories of her monsters, and the troubled love of her dark heroes. When she isn’t writing she’s crafting clothing in her sewing room, cuddling her tiny humans, or pretending to adult by narrating audiobooks in the rainy city of Seattle, Washington.

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  1. Marisela Zuniga says:

    What inspired you to write this book?


  2. Beatrice LaRocca says:

    A gorgeous cover and an intriguing synopsis and excerpt, as a huge sci-fi fan, Kingdom of Acatalec is a must read for me. Thank you for sharing your review of this story, the author’s bio and book details


  3. S.M. McCoy says:

    So happy you enjoyed the book! Working hard on the next one. Thank you so much for hosting on the tour!


  4. Tiffany Greene says:

    S.M. McCoy is new to me, look forward to reading this!! Thank you!!


  5. Mya Goss says:

    This sounds like a fun read!!


  6. Audrey Stewart says:

    S.M. McCoy is fairly new to me. I received the ‘Divine’ book series for a holiday gift. I can’t wait to start reading them.

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