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For my post, I am sharing an excerpt between Stephen Brandt and Hudson Suggashie from my latest release Back Where You Belong, a m/m contemporary romance.

He rejected love the first timeNow he wants a second chance.

Blurb:  After having his love tossed back in his face, Hudson Suggashie has eliminated the word trust from his dictionary. Since his return to his Ojibway community, his suspicions are running high, all because one man is hinting at a second chance—the too-gorgeous and sexy ball-crusher who turned Hudson’s world to black fifteen years ago.

Stephen Brandt knows he screwed up big time when he rejected Hudson’s love, and he’ll do anything to win him back, even if it means being a mere bed buddy to the man whose love he aches to reclaim.

The longer the former best friends engage in their no-strings affair, they want something more—what they lost as teenagers. But Hudson isn’t about to open his heart again, leaving a desperate Stephen searching for a way to earn back the trust he broke, or for the second time, they’ll lose the greatest love either has ever experienced.

Genre(s): LGBTQ+, M/M Contemporary Romance, First Nations Romance
Heat Rating: Level 3
Publication Date: October 14, 2022
Publisher: eXtasy Books


Stephen slipped off his sunglasses. “You want me to take off anything else?” He set the black frames on the dashboard. His smile matched the wicked twinkle in his blue eyes.

Hudson’s mouth fell open. Heart pounding, he sputtered through god-awful spittle before his brain could scream at him not to do it, “You go ahead and take off whatever you want. Get as comfy as you like.”

Stephen flashed another smile. “I’d like to. I mean I’d really like to, but as you can see, my hands are a little busy.” He wiggled his fingers on the steering wheel. “You got two free hands, though.” He winked.

Not only did Hudson’s heart pound, his dick throbbed, ready to jump from his jeans. If his blood kept racing at this pace, he’d keel over. “I… I…”

The vehicle rolled to a stop. Stephen slid the gearshift into park.

Hudson straightened in his seat.

Stephen moved his hand off the steering wheel, but the fingers of his right hand grazed the gearshift. “There. All free. Do you want me to put my hands to use on me or you?” He loosened a couple of buttons on his shirt and exposed his smooth, hard skin.

Hudson sucked in his breath. The man could always spin him into a trance, whether from a sassy smile, a saucy wink, or even vegging out in front of the TV, for cripe’s sake. “Me.” He leaned forward. “You.”

“Maybe both?” Stephen also leaned in.

The spicy scent Hudson got a whiff of earlier tickled his nostrils. “Yeah. Both.”

There wasn’t anything to fear. They’d done this a million times in the past. Hudson had to keep in mind he’d made every move when Stephen had been filled with fright and doubt. He brushed his palm along Stephen’s face. The lush skin teased the tips of Hudson’s fingers. Only their heavy breathing and the whistling of the wind sounded through the SUV.

Stephen wrapped his fingers around Hudson’s wrist. He closed his eyes.

Hudson fought for air. Stephen’s lips were puckered—ready for a kiss. Just as Hudson drew another good helping of air into his lungs, Stephen joined their mouths as one.

After fifteen years, they’d sealed the rift between them.

When Stephen parted his lips, scorching heat and slick saliva invaded Hudson’s mouth, stopping his heart cold. He licked at the wet tongue tangling with his. The fine hairs on the back of his neck stood at attention, and sweat formed in the pits of his arms.

Hudson slid his hand into the opening of Stephen’s shirt. In the past, this was what shook him from head to toe—having Stephen responding to his touch. It wasn’t any different today. Knowing Stephen wanted him—the muscles of Hudson’s stomach contracted. Sticky, sizzling excitement formed in his underwear. If they kept kissing, he’d have a mess of precum in his pants, but he didn’t want to stop, because Stephen’s mouth was too hot and wet. Damn teasing.

The licks were a bath of pure pleasure. Only Stephen’s mouth could drive Hudson batshit crazy. The taste and smell were spinning him into a spell, where submission was compulsory, not an elective. He pressed harder against Stephen’s mouth, his body screaming for more.

Without having to think, he delved farther into Stephen’s shirt, caressing the firm muscles. It’d been a torturous, too-long time since he’d last touched every inch of Stephen’s skin. Hudson’s fingers needed more flesh, and he laid his hand over Stephen’s left pec. He couldn’t resist toying with the nipple hardening between his thumb and index finger.

Stephen must’ve been feeling the same pleasure, because his palm brushed Hudson’s shoulder and then trailed along his arm. The more he was explored, the greater the electrical excitement that shot through Hudson. His forearm received a silky caress, followed by his stomach, where…


13 thoughts on “#MFRWSTEAMHOP – When It’s That Cold, Body Heat is Best

  1. A delightfully steamy scene. Personally, I don’t usually recommend taking a second chance to get your heart broken, but Stephen seems sincere.


  2. fionamcgier says:

    I love the second-chance at love theme! It’s one of my faves! And you write hot M/M scenes, so this is extra enticing!

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    1. TY, Fiona. Glad you enjoyed.


  3. Gale Stanley says:

    Heat and emotion. Great excerpt!

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    1. TY. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. I love how genuine his nerves and arousal are in that moment.

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    1. TY. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  5. Daryl Devore says:

    – were spinning him into a spell, where submission was compulsory, – awesome line. Tweeted.

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    1. TY, Daryl. Glad you enjoyed.


  6. Marvelous exerpt, love the exquisite detail

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    1. TY. Glad you enjoyed.


  7. Hello, Maggie,

    Great to have you joining the Steam Hop today!

    This excerpt isn’t just intensely erotic, it’s also gorgeously emotional.

    “After fifteen years, they’d sealed the rift between them.”

    Well done!

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    1. TY Lisabet. Glad you enjoyed.


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