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Today, I’m hosting author Susan Leigh Furlong’s latest release Desperate Hope, a historical romance.  Be sure to read my review.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: Desperate Hope
Author: Susan Leigh Furlong
Genre: Historical Romance
Publication Date:

Blurb:  Revolutionary War soldier, Gavin Cullane, has desperate choices to make. He vows never to give up the fight for American freedom, but his role as colonial liaison between the Americans and the British brands him a seeming traitor to his own country. When he discovers the woman he loves is part of George Washington’s secret spy chain, his only choice is to expose his own lies so she can escape.

Tansy Carter risks her life to send messages to George Washington from the captured city of New York. When she is discovered, she must flee the city, and trusting her life to the traitor, Cullane, is the desperate chance she must take.

Will their freedom come at the cost of their love?

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Charles’s neck turned red as he gulped in air. “I saw the pouch lying there on the table at the café. The soldier wasn’t even looking at it, so I grabbed it. I thought it might have something important in it.”

“Important enough to risk your family’s safety?” roared his father.

“But look what I have. I took them from the pouch before they caught me.” Charles opened his shirt and pulled out a fistful of papers.

Nate snatched the correspondence out of his son’s hand and riffled through the seven pieces. “And once Cullane realizes these papers are missing, he’ll be back. For you!” Tossing the papers on the floor, he shouted, “And the rest of us. How did I get such a foolish son?” Nate paced while Daisy scooped up the letters.

“I’m sorry! I…wasn’t thinking,” stuttered Charles.

“Wait,” said Daisy. She stepped very close to Charles. “I want him to know that his mother is willing to risk her life for her impetuous son. A son who violated our trust, but whose mother will do anything to rescue him. You think about that while I’m gone.”

“Where are you going?” demanded Nate.

“I’m going to scatter this mail on the streets, so it looks like it fell out of the pouch before a foolish, reckless boy stole it. Charles, you think about whether I’ll be able to come home to you.”


When I read the blurb, I was in.  I love history, and having this novel take place during America’s Revolutionary War piqued my interest.  I love when an author explores a time period that doesn’t occur too often in romance.  Better yet, the novel takes place in NYC, one of my fave settings.

Gavin Cullane is fighting for the revolutionists with fellow comrade Alden Carter.  Alden saves Gavin’s life, but it costs Alden his hand in the process.  When they are taken prisoner, Gavin promises Alden he will keep fighting for the cause.   Gavin will do anything to escape the horrific prison he finds himself in and makes a deal with the British, thus putting him on the opposing side of the revolutionists.

As a spy, he meets Alden’s wife Tansy, a woman he heard much about while nursing Alden on the prison ship.

This story had all the makings for a great romance.  Alden’s now with the British, and Tansy’s family is working for George Washington’s group.  All kinds of spying happens.  During this trying time, Gavin falls hard for Tansy.  Tansy finds herself drawn to Gavin, but she’s nervous since he is with the British.

Not only does the author take us deep into the Revolutionary War, but we’re also brought deep into the world of spying.  I love spies.  Especially during this time period.  Being Canadian, I never had a chance to study the Revolutionary War so it was wonderful to read about it in this novel.

The romance between Gavin and Tansy keeps you on the edge of your seat.  You have no idea how they will get out of the predicament they find themselves in, while also ensuring to keep her family safe since she is living with her late husband’s family.

The level of mistrust is bang on.  It was a time to find yourself dangling at the end of a rope for daring to cross the British, and I feared someone would end up there.  Does someone?  I won’t say.  But it was enough to make me keep flipping the pages.

This novel has it all:  romance, mystery, tension, suspense, and spying.  It’s a great read.  Yes, it lags now and then with some heavy internalizing from the various characters, but not enough to put off the reader.  People have decisions to make, so it’s only natural their thoughts will be consumed with weighing their options.

I recommend you give this a read.  It’s more than romance.  It’s about strength, truth, justice, and freedom.


Susan Leigh Furlong knew she had a special connection with words since she was a child. When she was 9 years old, she wrote and directed her first play for the neighborhood children.

Susan’s love for history fuels her resilience against the sneezes and coughs that old books give her as she delves into research for unique historical events to inspire her historical fiction romance novels. Susan captures her readers’ imagination with a highly enthralling style, chronological events, and smoothly flowing narratives that keep one’s eyes glued on her novels from the first page to the last.

Susan has written two non-fiction books and three novels set in sixteenth century Scotland as well as several short stories published in national magazines. Her most recent release is Desperate Hope, a novel set during the American Revolution. When Susan is not combing through history piecing together her next novel, she writes, directs, and performs with a music and drama group.

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  1. Beatrice LaRocca says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful review of Desperate Hope, this sounds like a story that I will truly enjoy reading

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    1. It is a fast paced adventure for Gavin and Tansy. Enjoy reading it!

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  2. Mya Goss says:

    I can’t wait to read this.. sounds good!!

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    1. I hope you enjoy reading DESPERATE HOPE as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have a good read!


    1. Thank you for hosting DESPERATE HOPE and from your great review. I am so glad you like the fast pace and the last line of your review. It’s about strength, truth, justice, and freedom. Your support of authors is appreciated.

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