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Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

For Throwback Thursday, here is a post about golfers who’d make awesome romance heroes.

Maggie Blackbird

Book-Cover Who’s on the Cover?

I can’t think of one reader who doesn’t enjoy a nice cover on a romance novel.  Covers are important to readers and writers.  If you see an awful cover, it makes you go “hmmm.”  See a good cover and you want to find out more.  And what author doesn’t dream up the perfect model to sell her/his story?

Being such a golf fanatic, I thought I’d do something fun today by casting professional golfers as models for romance novels, starting from YA (Young Adult) to MA (Mature Adult) and all genres in-between.  Okay, I covered some genres, because if I went with every single one out there, I’d spend my day trying to finish this post LOL.  So my apologies in advance if I skipped your favourite.

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