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I’m in full-on edit mode for Redeemed.  Yes, I’ve re-written those last five chapters I yapped about in my previous WIP Wednesday post.  I am now on round three of edits.  I expect completion at the end of October.  Then it’s off for a critique.  Once I receive the critique, it’s on to round four.  And while being critted, I will begin fast-drafting the third book in the series, Sanctified, during NaNoWriMo.

For those new to my blog, I am starting to post excerpts for Book Two in the Matawapit Trilogy published by eXtasy Books.  Each novel is a stand-alone or can be read as a series.


WIP Wednesday

The Matawapit Family Trilogy:  In the wilds of Northwestern Ontario, the secular world challenges the adult children of a perfect Catholic family headed by a full-blooded, domineering church deacon, when a vengeful former lover, an ex-fiancé out on parole, and a seductive family enemy, all dedicated to their Ojibway culture, test the faiths of Emery, Bridget, and Jude.

Here is teaser #2 from Redeemed:

Like hell Adam was going to take Kyle.  Not after Bridget had cared for his son when the bastard had fallen off the wagon and then during the jerk’s incarceration.  Fine, Adam could have his supervised visitation rights, but if he assumed she’d simply hand over Kyle, the son of a bitch was wrong.

Her heart twisted and thumped against her rib cage.  She settled her hand against her chest.  Deep breaths.  Stay calm.  Mrs. Dale was on Bridget’s side.  Children and Family Services was on her side.  The people at church were on her side.  Most of all, God was on her side.

Adam would screw up.  He always screwed up.  His life was nothing but a screwed-up mess.  The anxiety climbed like the mercury in a thermometer from Bridget’s toes to her head.


Kyle’s softer-than-cotton voice helped knead away some of the worry.  He was here.  He was her son.  She turned from the kitchen counter.

He’d already donned his backpack, laced his shoes, scrubbed his round face to a shine, and his gleaming white teeth said he’d brushed and flossed.  All without Bridget asking him to dress.  Not too many seven-year-olds could pull off such a feat.

He held one of the chocolate bars he’d received as a gift during his birthday party last week.  His dark eyes twinkled, the I’m-going-to-look-so-cute-you-can’t-resist-me twinkle that always made Bridget give in to her foster son’s wheedling.  He held up the bar.  “Please?”

Any other child would have hidden the treat in his backpack.  Not Kyle.  Bridget folded her arms and leaned against the kitchen counter.  The surface’s cool marble hugged her back.  “You’re going to see your dad.  You have to stay clean.”

Kyle bowed his head.  His small shoulders sagged.  “Do we have to go?”  His question was tinier than his little body.

“You know we have to.  I explained everything to you last night.  You said you were okay with seeing him.”

“Uh huh.”  Kyle kept his head bowed.

The balled-up pain reappeared in Bridget’s chest.  “What is it?”

Fear saturated Kyle’s dark eyes. “Am I going to have live with him?  Will you stop being my mom?”

Again, the stupid anxiety-mercury inched up the thermometer.  How could Bridget reassure Kyle when her faith had slunk off to the closet to hide?  Time to don her Mom hat.  “I told you last night, Mrs. Dale is supervising your dad.  She’ll decide what’ll happen.  Decisions won’t be made for a long time.  We’d better get going.  We can’t be late.”

Bridget snatched her purse off the counter.  Her shrivelled heart continued to shrink.  This was Adam’s fault.  Everything was Adam’s fault.  If he was any kind of a father, he would have put Kyle first instead of booze.  “I told you.  I’m going to work very hard to keep us together.”

Kyle flashed a toothy, crooked grin.  “I know, Mom.  Maybe…”  He licked his plump lips.  “Maybe we can go see Grandpa and Grandma this weekend.”

“I think we should.”  Dad’s faith was unshakable.  Maybe Bridget could steal some from her father, since hers hid under a blanket in the closet.  “Remember, I’ll be in the room.  You’re not doing this alone.”

“I know, Mom.”

Not only did her foster child have a right to be nervous, so did Bridget.  She hadn’t seen Adam after she’d ended their engagement.

“It’s already five to nine.  Our appointment is at nine-thirty, let’s go.”

Want to read more?  Stay tuned.  I will post other excerpts up until Redeemed‘s release through eXtasy Books.  Would you like to check out Emery’s story?  Here is a teaserBlessed, starring Emery Matawapit and Darryl Keejik is available for purchase.

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