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Who’s on the Cover?

I can’t think of one reader who doesn’t enjoy a nice cover on a romance novel.  Covers are important to readers and writers.  If you see an awful cover, it makes you go “hmmm.”  See a good cover and you want to find out more.  And what author doesn’t dream up the perfect model to sell her/his story?

Being such a golf fanatic, I thought I’d do something fun today by casting professional golfers as models for romance novels, starting from YA (Young Adult) to MA (Mature Adult) and all genres in-between.  Okay, I covered some genres, because if I went with every single one out there, I’d spend my day trying to finish this post LOL.  So my apologies in advance if I skipped your favourite.

For my first cover model, I’ll start with Contemporary Young Adult.  I chose the USA’s Maverick McNealy for two reasons.  A)  He’s the highest ranked amateur golfer in the world.  B) His name (yes, that’s his real name) belongs in a YA novel.  He’s also got that sweet apple-pie kind of face that I think most teen-aged girls would adore.  I’ll admit he’s a little old for YA since he’s attending Stanford University, but to me, he looks to be a fresh-faced high school senior.


Maverick McNealy

My second cover model is for Contemporary New Adult.  I chose Italy’s Matteo Manassero.  He’s the right age since he’s twenty-three, and he’s been around a long time, having won the European Tour’s flagship event, the BMW International, at the age of twenty.  He was also the youngest winner on the Tour, scoring his first victory at the age of seventeen during his rookie season.  Yes, he’s been a pro since 2010.  What young lady wouldn’t fall for this guy?


Matteo Manassero

Next up is Contemporary Adult.  I’m talking the billionaire who has a private plane and homes in Switzerland, the Bahamas, England, and Florida.  Who else could fill this spot but Australia’s Adam Scott?  The man has a green jacket (read:  major winner of the Masters), is a former World Number One, and has won many times on the PGA Tour.  His model-handsome looks don’t hurt either.  What woman wouldn’t want to win this man’s heart?


Adam Scott

A lot of authors are beginning to write about silver foxes–romance novels starring mature heroes and heroines.  So we need an older gentleman to fill this role.  I chose the U.S.A.’s Fred Couples.  Back in the day the ladies loved him–and they still do even though Freddie’s in his fifties.  He’s got charm and brings in a lot of fans at whatever tournament he’s playing.  He’s also claimed victory at the Masters and secured the Charles Schwab Cup, proving he can bring home the bacon on both tours (PGA and Champions).  I won’t even get into his captaincy for the winning Ryder and Presidents Cups teams, otherwise I’d spend all day writing this blog, hah.


Fred Couples

Then there’s Romantic Suspense.  We need a man who can flush out the bad guys without mussing his hair.  Hmm, Sweden’s Henrik Stenson keeps his blond locks pretty short.  Although he’s known for his great sense of humour, put him on a golf course and he’s on a hunt–to overtake and crush his opponent with a single swoop of his mighty and trusty three wood.  He’s known for his swaggering strut and steely stare.  I can’t think of anyone better to assist a heroine on the run and provide her with some much needed romance than Henrik.  Hey, he won the oldest major–the Open Championship.  This guy knows how to get the job done.


Henrik Stenson

Erotic Romance.  This calls for a man who can curl a woman’s straight hair and take her on a sexual journey she won’t forget.  I’d say the honour goes to Dustin Johnson, World Number One, the current U.S. Open champion, and a man who has numerous wins on the PGA Tour.  He’s a reformed bad boy who captured the very popular and stunning Paulina Gretzky’s heart.  He can also commit.  Dustin and Paulina are expecting baby number two.


Dustin Johnson

Historical Romance (Regency).  We need a British golfer to go with a British setting.  This man is known for his consistency on the course, a great ball striker, and a major champion.  Also, he won a gold medal at the Olympics in 2016 when golf was reintroduced.  Pretty nifty, eh?  Although he’s not knighted (yet) this man at least deserves a title for all his accomplishments.  I give you England’s Justin Rose.


Justin Rose

Historical Romance (Western).  Who can fill an outlaw’s shoes?  A lone wolf who avoids towns and shuns love?  Can scare sheriffs into hiding with a flick of his finger on the trigger?  He’d better be extremely focussed and determined to stay alive in the mountains and deserts.  A tender side is a must, the kind of man who treats all women with respect, whether a gal serving drinks at the saloon or a proper lady carrying a parasol as she prances off to church.  I chose Australia’s Jason Day.  Yes, I transplanted an Aussie into the Old West, but Jason held tight to World Number One for a long time.  He is a major champion and a fierce competitor.  On the golf course he’s staring down one goal–to win.


Jason Day

What about you?  Who would you cast in these roles?

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