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In my last WIP Wednesday post, I mentioned I was completing round three of edits.  Since I schedule my posts, I’ll be done round four by the time this goes live.  Once my edits are done, it’s off for a critique.  When the crit is done, I’ll do one more pass before sending the manuscript to my publisher, eXtasy Books.


WIP Wednesday

The Matawapit Family Trilogy:  In the wilds of Northwestern Ontario, the secular world challenges the adult children of a perfect Catholic family headed by a full-blooded, domineering church deacon, when a vengeful former lover, an ex-fiancé out on parole, and a seductive family enemy, all dedicated to their Ojibway culture, test the faiths of Emery, Bridget, and Jude.

Here is teaser #3 from Redeemed:

Bridget ushered Kyle down the hall, passing the line of offices.  She’d been everywhere in the three-story building but the visitation room.

They each clutched something in their free hands—Kyle, his doughnut bag, and Bridget, her travel mug.  Fingers entwined, they held tight to each other.

Waiting on the other side of the closed door was Adam.  For Kyle’s sake, Bridget must expunge the tingles juddering through her limbs.

“It’s going to be okay.  I’ll be there.  Mrs. Dale will be there.  You won’t be alone.”

“O-Okay.”  Kyle’s lower lip quivered.  “I’m ready, Mommy.”

She cringed.  On his sixth birthday, Kyle had proudly announced he was too old to call her by that name.  Bridget rubbed the spot between his shoulder blades.  “Let’s go.  Remember, God is with us.”

“He is, isn’t He, Mommy?”  Colour returned to Kyle’s brown skin.

“Always, He is.  I’m going to open the door.”  Bridget kept her voice hushed.

Kyle’s small muscles beneath Bridget’s palm tightened.

She turned the handle.  This visit was about Kyle, not what Adam had done to her, so she’d keep her mouth shut, although the accusing words of asshole, liar, and jerk, raced up her throat.

When Bridget opened the door, Adam leaned against the window sill.  The bitter words kept blinking in her brain.  Almost four years.  She gripped and re-gripped Kyle’s hand.

A white dress shirt hugged Adam’s strong upper-chest and broad shoulders.  He’d tucked the hem into the slim waist of his blue jeans.  His shoulder-length, pitch-black hair was combed off his face, but stray strands brushed his black brows.

Bridget’s stomach swirled at his long, wide nose, square face, and thick lips he’d use to brush at her ear lobe.

He isn’t handsome.  He only looks that way.  He’s a selfish dick who chose booze over me and his son.  He put us through hell.

Her heart, ready to melt all over the floor, hardened to stone.  She lifted her chin.  “I’ll be right there.”  She pointed at the chair next to Mrs. Dale.

“Okay…Mom.”  Kyle continued to grip Bridget’s hand.

“Go on.”  She worked her fingers free from Kyle’s.

The boy inched forward, clutching his small Reggie’s Donuts bag.

“Hey.”  Adam shifted to his haunches.  His jeans cuddled his strong, long thighs.

Mouth dry and lungs shrinking, Bridget shimmied to the chair beside Mrs. Dale.  Adam meant nothing.  They only shared Kyle, whom Bridget would fight to keep.

She sat on the edge of the plastic chair, nails digging at her purse to endure the longest hour of her life.

Want to read more?  Stay tuned.  I will post other excerpts up until Redeemed‘s release through eXtasy Books.  Would you like to check out Emery’s story?  Here is a teaserBlessed, starring Emery Matawapit and Darryl Keejik is available for purchase.

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