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Love is in the air!

Previously, I did two posts about my favourite romance couples in novels, and my favourite romance couples in film.  Today, I’m covering TV.  I’ll be dedicating this post to only one couple, but stick around, because there will be a Part II for TV.

During my teen years, I always enjoyed racing to my boyfriend’s house to watch re-runs of Little House on the Prairie.  While everyone else rooted for Laura and Nellie, loving their squabbles and endless drama, or cheered for Albert’s latest mischief-making, or adored Pa Ingalls’ wise talks, I was drawn to eldest daughter Mary of Charles and Caroline Ingalls.

Sure, Mary wasn’t as exiting and adventurous as Laura, and lacked Nellie’s chutzpah and diva-ness, however, Mary possessed something the other two didn’t—quiet strength and discipline.  To me, Mary Ingalls was the perfect romance heroine with her striking blue eyes, sun-kissed blond hair, and perfect figure.

Being so beautiful, no-nonsense, and studious, Mary won over many a boy without even trying, much to Laura and Nellie’s chagrin.  But boys weren’t Mary priority, since she preferred to study, read a good book, and help Miss Beadle at the school.

Adam and Mary 2

Mary Ingalls an Adam Kendall

When a bout with scarlet fever as a child took Mary’s sight when she was fifteen, Ma and Pa sent her off to a school for the blind in Iowa where she met Adam Kendall.

I always enjoyed Mary’s other beaus, but Adam Kendall, the teacher at the school, and also visually impaired, was the perfect romance hero to me.  First, he refused to let Mary pity herself over losing her sight.  Adam insisted to Mary that she wasn’t special, so she’d better shape up and start accepting her new normal.  Harsh?  Yes.  But Adam’s strategy worked.

Adam and Mary 1

First Kiss

Mary’s discipline and quiet strength gave her the courage to adapt to her new normal, and flourish as a sightless person.  Everyone believed she’d lost her dream job of becoming a teacher, but Mary prevailed and became one, teaching at a school for the blind in Winoka.

When Mary left for Walnut Grove before starting her new job, Adam and Mary shared their first on-screen kiss.

Adam and Mary 3

Adam and Mary Kendall

Personally, I wished Mary and Adam would have gotten their own spin-off show, instead of Laura and Almanzo.  Not that I have anything against Laura and Almanzo, because I very much enjoyed Little House:  A New Beginning.  It’s just that I wanted more episodes about Mary and Adam after they left for New York when Adam became an attorney.

What about you?  Who are you favourite TV couples?

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