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After doing a post about my favourite heavy metal ballads, I have to include power ballads from the 80s.  I’m more of a “b” side kind of lady, so my list isn’t filled with popular songs.  I have quite a few, so this is a list of twenty.


I Wanna Rock

1.  L.A. Guns – One Way Ticket.

2.  Faster Pussycat – Please Dear.

3.  Blackeyed Susan – Best of Friends.

4.  Warrant – Bitter Pill.

5.  Alice Cooper – Hell is Living Without You.

6.  Motley Crue – You’re All I Need.

7.  Whitesnake – Too Many Tears.

8.  Joe Lynn Turner – Endlessly.

9.  Helix – Make Me Do Anything You Want.

10.  Streetheart – What Kind of Love is This?

11.  Nazareth – Dream On.

12.  Toronto – Don’t Walk Away.  (Unfortunately I can’t find a video on YouTube, but if you get the chance, find the song and listen to it)

13.  Tesla – Love Song.

14.  Def Leppard – Blood Runs Cold.

15.  Kix – Tear Down the Walls.

16.  Mr. Big – CDFF–Lucky this Time.

17.  Shotgun Messiah – Living Without You.

18.  Kiss – Tears are Falling.

19.  Thunder – Loved Walked In.

20.  The Last Vegas – Apologize.  (Okay, they’re not from the 80s, but the song reminds me of a ballad from the 80s, probably because Nikki Six co-wrote it.)

That’s it.  What about you?  What are your favourite power ballads from the ’80s?

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