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Destiny Mine by Janelle Taylor

I’ve been enjoying Janelle Taylor.  She has a few books that star an Indigenous heroine.  I’m only four chapters into the novel and liking what I’ve read so far.

Blurb:  By the age of 20, the maiden called Kionee can ride, fight and hunt better than most men. Yet, she feels a secret loneliness knowing she can never marry or know a lover’s touch. Until an extraordinary vision brings her face to face with Stalking Wolf, the sensual half-breed whose passion will set her free, yet whose love can never be hers.

Set against the majestic Wyoming wilderness, this is the haunting tale of a woman caught between honor and desire. . .and of her gradual awakening to the bittersweet joys of love.

Interested?  Here are some buying links:  Kobo, Amazon,, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks,

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