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Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

As a fellow Canuck, I must say Shania didn’t mess around when she asked this question. In some romances, not all, but some, the protagonist either cheats, is cheated on, or finds him or herself in a love triangle.

As I did before, I’m not trying for the obvious and will provide a YouTube link—if one is available. To start, here’s a list of songs that deal with cheating.


Three’s a Crowd

1. I Saw Red by Warrant. He walks in on his girlfriend with another guy.

2. Second Chance by .38 Special. He didn’t mean to cheat, but he did. Now he wants another chance.

3. Look in Your Eyes by Streetheart. Her eyes tell him exactly what she did behind his back.

4. No Way Out by Jefferson Starship. He went out for a night with no intentions of cheating, but he did.

5. Destination Heartbreak by Loverboy. Sounds like she was cheating with his friend.

6. Why D’ya Do It by Marianne Faithfull. She’s piss mad that he dared to mess around on her, so be warned: if a person is this angry, strong language will surface!

7. You’d Better Think Twice by Poco. A warning in advance if she dares to step out on him. Hubby introduced me to this great country rock band.

8. Shame, Shame, Shame by Ratt. He went to her place but she wasn’t alone.

9. Even the Score by Toronto. She doesn’t get mad; she gets even.

10. Last Kiss Goodbye by Hinder. She’s been going out every night and coming home late. He’s had enough.

11. You’re All I Need by Motley Crue. Warning, this song is about a violent ending of a relationship when she cheats.

12. Who’s Been Messin’ by .38 Special. Another song by one of my fave bands. This time he’s the one being cheated on.

13. I Know There’s Something Going on by Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida). She confronts her cheating man.

Let’s move on to triangles.

1. David Denies by ‘Til Tuesday. He’s wishing for a past girlfriend, while his new girlfriend waits for him to get over her.

2. There’s the Girl by Heart. She knows he wants to cheat with another girl he’s obsessed with, so she’s warning him to stay in line, or else.

3. All Along You Knew by Honeymoon Suite. He’s sneaking around with another girl, and his girlfriend knows.

4. Thing for You by Hinder. They hooked up one drunken night, although they’re both in relationships. Even with the beer goggles removed, he still wants her.

5. What He Don’t Know by Heart. This time Ann’s singing about the woman seeing a guy on the sly. As for the boyfriend, the fella is clueless.

6. Our Love by Krokus. They’re both lying and cheating, but refuse to break up.

7. So Tired by Ozzy Osbourne. This is from the other man’s perspective. He’s had enough of being her undercover lover.

8. Him or Me—What’s It Gonna Be by Paul Revere & the Raiders. She’s juggling them both and he wants to know which one she’ll pick.

9. Is He Better Than Me by Prism. Another song from the other guy’s perspective.

10. Don’t Let Him Know by Prism. This band seems to like writing from the other man’s POV.

11. What’s It Gonna Be by Ratt. He knows she’s fallen for another guy, and he wants an answer.

12. My Heart Can’t Tell You No by Rod Stewart. Even though he loathes being the “other man,” he can’t stop seeing her when she comes around.

13. Backstreet Love Affair by Survivor. Boy, these other men are quite demanding, huh? LOL. This is also from Mr. Secret Lover’s POV.

What about you? Do you have something to add to the list?

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