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Broken Heart

Broken Heart

Music. It moves our feet, makes us reflect, causes us to exercise like crazy, gets us on the dance floor, and a host of other actions and feelings. As writers, we use music to inspire us. While I write this entry, I’m listening to a cover of Boom Boom done by The Animals.

I’ve come across many topics on “novel soundtracks”—writers who make up playlists for the main characters. I do this, too.

While writing, break-up and couples-in-jeapordy songs are a must. I thought I’d share some, but I won’t list the obvious, because that’s been done a million times. Please keep in mind this is my interpretation; not the artist’s. I also did my best to provide a YouTube link. Just a link LOL. I’m on dial-up, so posting a video is a no-no for me.

1. The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. A relationship that went bad because the couple made promises they couldn’t keep. It also sounds like it ended because one of them wouldn’t address the “L” word.

2. Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac. Yes, more Fleetwood Mac. The guy wouldn’t let her love him. Although the guy has supposedly moved on, she tells him he’ll never forget her. Was the chemistry so powerful it scared the guy? Did he keep her at bay in fear of losing himself in the relationship? Hmm, I do believe he won’t forget her.

3. Dreams by Buckcherry. The guy admits to doing something really bad, and although he asks if she still loves him, he admits he can’t change his bad boy behaviour.

4. Apologize by the Last Vegas. A guy who wasn’t the greatest boyfriend apologizes to his girlfriend for his lies, late nights, drinking, and probably cheating.

5. Promises by Megadeth. About two lovers who can’t be together in this life, but promise to meet in the next.

6. Don’t Walk Away by Toronto. The guitar intro really sets the mood for this song. About a girl who fears her guy is falling out of love with her because she can’t get a hold of him in person or on the telephone.

7. Dream On by Nazareth. A guy deeply mourning the end of his relationship with a woman who played him for a fool.

8. (Believed You Were) Lucky by ‘Til Tuesday. She wants to love him, but he won’t let her. So she throws in the towel, but spends the song wishing he’d change his way of thinking.

9. Everything That Glitters (Isn’t Gold) by Dan Seals. This is a gorgeous country song my husband introduced me to (he loves country and country rock). It’s about a man raising his daughter after his wife left him to pursue fame as a rodeo queen.

10. Torn to Shreds by Def Leppard. This little gem doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. About a guy who didn’t want to commit, and still doesn’t, but it’s too late because he’s already fallen in love, since he spends his time missing her.

11. Seasons by Badlands. One of my favourite songs because the metaphor he uses is brilliant. In short, it’s too late for love.

12. Best of Friends by Blackeyed Susan. Young lovers who broke up as adults. He reflects on the past, while wishing for her to come back.

13. Before the Dawn by Judas Priest. There are so many different interpretations by fans, but when I first heard this song, I thought of two lovers who can only meet at dark when no one else will see them. Maybe forbidden love? Anyway, a beautiful song.

14. Just Another Night by Wildside. She dumped him and he’s spending another night alone.

15. She’s Nothing to Me by Jimi Jamison. A fella in denial about the lady who dumped him.

16. I’ve Been a Fool Before by Cobra. He won’t reconnect with her because he refuses to play the fool for her a second time.

17. Living Without You by Shotgun Messiah. He’s not bothered by your absence, so don’t flatter yourself by assuming he misses you.

18. Can’t Change Me by Vince Neil. She wanted him to change who he was, but he refused and left.

19. Hollywood Ending by Motley Crue. Two lovers living in Hollywood who broke up. He’s begging her to return.

20. In a Week or Two by Diamond Rio. Another country group my husband introduced me to about a man who kept putting off marriage. She left him and now he’s filled with regret.

21. Love Don’t Last Forever by Chrissy Steele. He didn’t believe in infinite love and broke up with her.

22. Just One More Time by the Headpins. They broke up and he has a new girl. She wants one more time with him.

23. I Thought of You Again by Susan Jacks. She’s cross-country bound on a train, but even though thousands of miles separate them, she can’t stop thinking about him.

24. Givin’ Yourself Away by Ratt. They broke up and he knows she can’t move on, although she insists that she is.

25. Back Where You Belong by .38 Special. He broke up with her and realises he made a big mistake. Now he wants her back.

26. My Obsession by Cheap Trick. The song title says it all. He can’t get over her.

How about you? What are you favourites? I’d love to hear them.

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