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Today, author Romy Lockhart is guesting.  She’s talking about her latest release Broken Omega, book three in the Sweet Omegaverse series, a reverse harem, paranormal romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Romy’s inspiration for the book:

I was writing standalone shifter reverse harem novels when I first heard about omegaverse as a sub-genre. I was really intrigued by the thought of writing a series that’s a basically shifter romance minus the transformation into animal forms.

I decided to create a world where I could write standalone omegaverse reverse harem novels, centering around an Omega academy for the first few books. Secret Omega is the first book in my Sweet Omegaverse series, and I knew the moment I introduced Brooke in that book that she needed a story of her own, and that’s the story I’ve told in Broken Omega.

The characters in Broken Omega:

Brooke is the female lead and she’s an Omega. She’s been stuck at Goldcrest Academy for six years and her father is pushing her to choose an Alpha and get married, but her options are awful, and when he pushes harder, she decides to plan an escape.

Her fated mates come as a big surprise when they show up!

Kellan is an Alpha who spent his childhood and most of his teen years pretending to be a Beta to fit in, but when a chance encounter with Brooke makes him realize he has a true mate, he stops pretending and starts working his ass off to be accepted to visit Goldcrest.

Frost and Donnie are paramedics who meet Brooke the night of Secret’s big escape and who vow to come back for her when she’s ready to leave the academy.

River is an Omega who’s been pretending to be a Beta in public so he can stay close to Frost and Donnie but meeting their newest mate in Brooke changes everything.

What we can expect from Romy in the future:

Next in the Sweet Omegaverse series is Stolen Omega, which is Brooke’s best friend since childhood’s story. Zelena’s story is going to feel a bit different from the others because she’s the Omega who got the chance to follow her dreams, becoming the biggest popstar on the planet. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean she’s found her pack. She struggles to trust people and it takes a kidnapping to make her realize her wounds are deeper than she knew. That book releases in September 2023. I’m also working on the stories for a few other characters in this world, including Leanne, Beth, and Lana!

The ninth novel in my Hybrid Shifters series, Vampire Bait, is coming out at the end of April 2023, and I’m currently working on several more novels for this series also, including Hybrid Forgotten, the second book about Amanda and her mates from Hybrid Rejected, which is probably the most popular novel in this series!

Words for Romy‘s readers:

I will note that although Broken Omega is a sweet omegaverse, the sweetness in this context only relates to the feel of the romance in the story. There’s definite steam once the characters meet, and it has a very high heat level by the end! The male characters have intimate relationships with each other in this book, as well as with the female main character.

There are also some dark issues touched on in this book, with possible triggers of sexual assault (past tense and not graphic), domestic abuse (past tense and not detailed), verbal threats, and a couple of violent incidents.


Title: Broken Omega
Series: A Sweet Omegaverse Romance, Book 3
Author: Romy Lockhart
Genre: Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance

Blurb:  Brooke Corvina has been at Goldcrest Omega Academy forever. Resistant to all attempts to match her to suitable Alphas, she’s a ‘special project’ for the head of the school. She knows her father wants her to grow up and start making babies with a wealthy Alpha, but that’s not the life for her.

After an unusual incident at the academy, she begins to see her escape route. The only trouble is her plan hinges on using the only men she’s ever perfumed for, and they might not be so keen on letting her walk away once they’ve helped her out.

She doesn’t care what they want. This is her life, and she’s determined to start living by her own set of rules. She might be a bad daughter, a crazy bitch and a broken Omega, but she’s not going to let one chivalrous Alpha and three insane Betas derail her big plans. But, maybe, if they play nice and rough, she’ll consider letting them come along for the ride…

Amazon | Goodreads | BookBub

Diamonds are forever. That used to be my mantra, way back when I was one of the only rich girls at Crystal Grove high school. As an Omega and sole heir to a billion-dollar fortune, I wasn’t exactly relatable. My best friend, Zelena, was the only one who really understood what it was like to be envied and hated by almost everyone, while somehow simultaneously idolized and admired.

High school was a weird time for me. It’s when I realized how fake people can be.

I used that mantra to feel better about myself every time the Betas said or did something shitty to try and bring me down, but I didn’t take the meaning literally.

I was smart enough to know, even then, that the money my classmates hated me for having didn’t belong to me. It wasn’t going to bring me security and comfort. It didn’t do a single damn thing to make me happy.

Zey was my diamond. A true friend, the one person in a million that I could count on. Always.

She shines brighter than anyone I’ve ever known, and I hope she never stops.

“I hope you get that pack you always wanted, Zey,” I murmur, as I flip through the photos in my phone. I haven’t taken a single new picture in six years. My phone might be the latest model, but it’s full of images of my past, most of which are selfies with Zelena

I guess, at least I might get to see her at my wedding.

Sighing, I come out of my photos and put my phone in my purse.

I seriously need to finish getting ready.

The theme for the first social of the year is solid gold, and I already know that means most of the new girls will be wearing flashy, eye-catching metallic dresses. My own dress is much more sedate, in black silk with gold straps. It’s classy, but dull, marking me out as older.

It won’t do much to catch an Alpha’s eye, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

I slip it over my head, and the material cascades down my body.

It feels nice against my skin, and it complements my slender body shape perfectly.

After slipping on my heels, I move over to my dresser.

I open the top drawer and take out my most expensive necklace.

Diamonds, of course, set in yellow gold.

Classy but dull perfectly describes the way I look right now.

I give myself a wry smile in the mirror.

As an Omega, I’m a rare breed. If only I could perfume, I’d be perfect.

Oh, okay. If only I was a few years younger, and I could perfume. Then, I’d be perfect.


Secret Omega
A Sweet Omegaverse Romance Book 1
Amazon | Bookbub | Goodreads

Lost Omega
A Sweet Omegaverse Romance Book 2
Amazon | Bookbub | Goodreads


Romy Lockhart writes paranormal reverse harem and M/F contemporary romance. All of her books contain steamy scenes between consenting adults. All of her reverse harems have harem ever afters, and all of her romance novels have happy endings.

Find Romy:  Website | Facebook | FB Group | Twitter | Bookbub | Amazon | Goodreads


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