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Today, I’m hosting author Biana Lee Ward’s latest release Reaper, book one in the War Brother MC series, a contemporary romance.  Be sure to read my review.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: Reaper
Series: War Brothers MC Book 1
Author: Bianca Lee Ward
Genre: Slow Burn MC Romance

I let her go once because she wasn’t mine. This time, I’ll die before I give her up…

I want her.

That smile… those curves.

But Ava doesn’t belong to me.

Then she arrives in my clubhouse, seeking refuge. My gut churns at the sight of the bruises on her face, the fear in her eyes.

Before I was the president of the War Brothers Motorcycle Club, I was a special forces sniper who hunted down evil men like her husband. Now I avoid relationships because the wounds I have are more than skin deep.

But Ava’s different, and when I find her in the wrong bedroom—my bedroom—one night, what happens next changes everything.

I let her go once because she was married, but I won’t make the same mistake twice.

I’ll die before I let her dangerous husband, the jealous women in our club, or the enemy our club didn’t see coming lay a finger on her.

Because this time around, Ava is mine.

For fans of Autumn Jones Lake, Lani Lynn Vale, and Chantel Fernando, get ready to fall in love with the protective alpha men of the War Brothers Motorcycle Club. Each standalone book promises emotionally captivating small-town romance with a deliciously dark twist.

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Abused and controlled by her husband, Ava seeks refuge with her sister and brother-in-law at the clubhouse of The War Brothers MC.  Reaper, the president of the MC, has his own battle scars from serving in the military.  When these two come together, they have a lot stacked against them.

I liked that not only was Ava suffering, but so was Reaper.  It enabled balance between the two, where one wasn’t being the other’s saviour, which I greatly appreciated.  And the author did a great job of showing how these two were able to help each other from the wounds they suffered in the past.  Ava’s are new, while Reaper’s live in his head from his military days.

This is a slow-burn romance and I appreciated that.  Baby steps are what these two needed, and they first built their budding relationship on trust.  It was also lowkey in steam, which I also appreciated.  Something this delicate required intimacy that was more of an emotional connection than sexual.

Both characters are extremely likeable and they grow throughout the novel.  I do wish Reaper would have had more POVs since the novel concentrates mainly on Ava.  Having him make his “head” appearance was a bit jolting when so many chapters were devoted to Ava.

Still, this novel is a great introduction to the series, showcasing the secondary characters who will have their own books to come.  But the additional characters compliment Ava and Reaper’s storyline without overpowering it.

The ending was something I expected since Beau, Ava’s abusive husband, continued to lurk about.  But it was a great read even knowing in advance what the ending would be.  The key lies in Reaper and Ava.  Their arcs.  Their backstories.  Their current stories.  And their wounds, along with their chemistry.

I recommend you give this series a read.  It looks very promising.


Bianca is an Australian romance author with a love of culinary adventures and a playlist for every mood. She enjoys exploring themes of identity, personal growth, and resilience in her work—with a little spice on the side. When she isn’t lost in storytelling or absorbed in her latest read, Bianca can be found watching true crime stories and documentaries.

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    On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re an 11! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Teresa Gilbert says:

    Author, when writing how do you stay on track?


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