Maggie Blackbird

Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

For this edition of Fun Fact Friday, I am giving you five fun facts about Better Than Gold, a holiday, young adult, contemporary romance.

  • Extasy Books (my publisher) invited me to participate in the Twelve Days of Christmas Collection.  I chose to write about the “Five Gold Rings.”
  • For this short story, I paid homage to the Indian Residential School my father attended in Spanish, Ontario (thank goodness my mother didn’t have to attend one of these schools due to technical reasons).
  • Research came from my father who told me all about the two schools (one was for boys and the other was for girls).
  • I wanted to capture the isolation and desolation the students experienced in the schools, but also give a shining ray of hope in the story.
  • I enjoyed writing about an era when my father was a young teenager, the birth of rock ‘n’ roll, and how travel was done by train for people living on “Indian Reserves” during the 1950s.

You can purchase a copy of Better Than Gold at eXtasy Books.

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