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Today, author Christina Lynn Lambert is guesting.  She has her hero, Sean Whitman, from her latest release, Tiger’s Last Chance, book three in the Stranger Creatures, a paranormal romance, in the interview chair.  Check out what Sean has to say, and don’t forget to read the excerpt.


1. What’s your name?

Sean:  Sean Whitman

2. What do you look like?

Sean:  I have brown hair and brown eyes. I’m tall and broad shouldered. A fair amount of people have described me as a mean, hard looking man. I’m not a jerk or anything. I’m just quiet and not that sociable.

3. What time period does your story take place?

Sean:  Present day

4. What is your occupation? Are you any good at it? Do you like it?

Sean:  I’m a private investigator. I specialize in surveillance and evidence collection. I used to be a detective for Seattle PD, but I like running my own business better than working for someone else. Fewer rules.

5. What did you think the first time you saw Detective Nikki Jackson?

Sean:  I basically couldn’t speak for a moment. I thought she was so beautiful it took my breath away.

6. What is your family like?

Sean:  I grew up in Boston but I don’t go home to see my family. Ever. My dad was an angry, hot-headed jerk. My mom was sort of just… there but not really there.

7. Do you see morality as black-and-white, or with shades of gray?

Sean:  Nearly everything is colored in a thousand shades of gray. I don’t see many things as simple black and white. So many laws are unjust and harmful, I don’t feel bad about breaking them.

8. What’s your quirkiest habit?

Sean:  I write poetry. For fun. I’m not any good at it, but it makes me feel better when I’m going through something or upset or trying to figure out how to deal with everything life throws at me.

9. What other character from your book do you think your author should write a book about? Care to tell us why?

Sean:  Trevor Ryland. When I first met the coyote shifter, I thought he was an asshole. After we went to Mexico to find a doctor we hoped could help us solve a serial murder investigation, I got to know him better. He’s a pretty decent guy. He’s a great partner to have on your side in a fight, plus, he had my back while we spent the night in jail. I was sick as hell after that soul stealer gave me some awful plague-like illness, and Trevor made sure no one bothered me. He’s got a huge crush on a woman who is psy. Shifters and psy have an uneasy alliance but he doesn’t trust anyone with psy abilities. Maybe, though, he could give her a chance.


Title: Tiger’s Last Chance
Series: Stranger Creatures, Book #3
Author: Christina Lambert
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat Rating: 3-4
Book Length: 195 pages. 82K words.
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Release Date: June 1, 2020

When a radical group targets Detective Nikki Jackson, she teams up with private investigator Sean Whitman in a race against the clock to stop the group from carrying out deadly plans. Will he get one last chance to show her he loves her?

Blurb:  While working a case, Sean Whitman is tortured for information, drugged, and bitten against his will by a shape shifter. The fallout ruins his career. Needing a fresh start, he leaves town and opens a private investigation business. Learning to live life sober isn’t easy, but he makes it to the two-year mark.

When Detective Nikki Jackson with the Great Oaks, Virginia Police Department calls him to ask for his help as a consultant on a case, he’s captivated by her sweet, slightly Southern voice. In person, she’s unlike any other woman he’s encountered, and nearly impossible to resist. But could the sexy detective ever want a man like him?

After Nikki’s last dating disaster, the mountain lion shifter has sworn off men. Then she meets Sean, and with every second she spends around the tall, dark-eyed man, her resolve crumbles. Despite the undeniable attraction between them, Sean seems determined to push her away.

An investigation into missing refugees leads Nikki to the discovery of a radical political group’s horrifying plot for dominance. Traitors are embedded within the very organizations meant to keep shifters safe. As the list of people she can trust dwindles, she calls on Sean to help her unravel a web of deceit.

As Nikki and Sean fight for survival, his fear of losing her could become a reality. Will he get one last chance to show her he loves her?

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For the briefest moment, Nikki felt the depth to which Sean might be capable of pushing her. His kiss was crushing and brutal. His tongue pushed past her lips and his grip in her hair tightened. If desire were a vine, it would have wrapped itself around her veins and encased her heart. The heat between them flooded her. There was a sweetness, too, in his kiss, and the sweetness made her burn hotter.

A polite cough from inside the waiting car put a quick end to things. Sean pulled away and met her gaze. No words, but she got the message. She wasn’t alone. Comfort and friendship; he’d probably meant the kiss to comfort her and had gotten carried away in the heat of the moment. He’d carried her away with him, and she wanted to take him so much further into the unknown.

With each second, each step towards the waiting car, she tried to find reasons and more reasons to ignore her growing attraction to Sean. The number one reason to forget about the kiss they’d shared—relationships were trouble. She had plenty of other amazing things in her life, including her career, her volunteer work, and her band, even though the band rarely played anywhere because the members had trouble aligning their schedules. She didn’t need a man. Besides, he was probably still messed up over Sydney. Also, he was a regular. Or mostly regular. Not to mention he lived over a thousand miles away in Texas. She should tell him the kiss was a mistake. One look at him and she couldn’t bring herself to say the words. The kiss they shared had been anything but a mistake.


A few years ago, I read my first romance novel and I was hooked, so much so that I decided to give the idea of writing a story a chance. Love, courage, hope, and second chances are a few of my favorite themes. My stories include a fair amount of sarcasm, suspense, steam, and violence. When I’m not writing, I enjoy spending time outside and finding ways to avoid cooking. I live in beautiful Virginia with my husband, two daughters, and a sweet, hairy monster of a dog.

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