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I won a book, and whenever I win a book, I always make sure and do a review.  This is my “thank you” to the author for being kind enough to offer a free novel in a contest.  Today, I’m reviewing Immortal Secrets, book one in the Depraved Gods series, a paranormal romance by Elle Lincoln.


Immortal SecretsTitle: Immortal Secrets
Series: Depraved Gods, #1
Author: Elle Lincoln
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Elle Lincoln
Pages: 263
Publication Date: September 1, 2019

The God’s play their games, until one lone Human dares to fight back.

Blurb:  Sometimes the past is the greatest lie of all.

Three months ago, a new world order was formed. The realm of gods merged with Earth in a cataclysmic explosion that killed countless humans. Magic now crackles through the air, allowing supernatural creatures of all kinds to prowl the streets.

It’s a lawless time of Monsters and Gods.

Struggling to survive amongst creatures ravenous for her blood, Mae Carter seeks help from an unlikely source. With a shroud of death haunting her, she turns to the man she walked out on ten years ago. A man that can now be counted as… amongst the Gods.

Note:  From author Elle Lincoln comes a post-apocalyptic adventure into darkness and depravity in Immortal Secrets.  Immortal Secrets is BOOK ONE of TWO following Flynn and Mae’s love story in the Depraved Gods Series. The steam level is mild, building slowly. Fair warning, this book ends on a cliffhanger! Don’t miss out on their beginning in Immortal Lies, linked at the end of Immortal Secrets!



First, I won this book in a contest, and I always read and review books that I win.  It is my “payment” to the author for being kind enough to offer up one of their books to readers for free.  Second, I am quite new to this genre, so my review is from someone who hasn’t quite experienced this type of paranormal romance before.

I’ll start with the world-building and culture.  It is bang on.  I was very impressed with the world the author created for her series.  There is every kind of paranormal person in this novel from Faes and Gods to vampires and banshees.  I also enjoyed the history of how this new earth happened.  There is also wonderful explanations of how this world works told through scenes using wonderful plot devices, so you don’t feel like it’s all exposition.  Wonderfully done, author!

As for the main characters of Mae and Flynn, they were great together.  The chemistry was present.

Mae has finally returned to town after being gone for ten years, and there is tons happening to her.  I really liked how the mystery kept me reading, because I wanted to find out what was going to happen if she was truly human, and of course how her romance with Flynn would play out.  Mae is a caring person, but she’s got a tough exterior, and she’s not afraid.

As for Flynn, the son of the god ruling Mae’s town, he’s everything a hero should be:  good heart, kind, and protective.  Sometimes too protective, but he knows when to back off when Mae puts her foot down.

I will admit having so many characters and so many different types of magic and realms, was a bit overwhelming.  I did manage to stay on course with the plot, though, and understand the gist of it all, so that helped whenever I’d wonder what was happening now.

I especially enjoyed the evil god Neit.  I think that’s his name LOL.  I will admit villains intrigue me, and if the villain holds up, I’m on board for the book.

The writing is solid.  The dialogue is true to form.  The description does get a bit heavy and causes the plot to lag sometimes.  Still, it’s a solid read and a book I’d recommend.  One warning, though:  the book ends on a cliffhanger.

Have you read Immortal Secrets?  If so, do you agree with my review?  If you haven’t read the book, would you be willing to now?

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