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Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

To celebrate the recent release of Knight Moves, book three in the When We Were Young series, here is the third excerpt (to check out the first two excerpts, go HERE and HERE) for Teaser Tuesday.

Check out the third excerpt:

Shameful heat claimed Billy’s cheeks, especially at the amusement flickering in René’s gaze. “Something tells me nobody can…con you into bed—unless you’re willing to be conned.”

“You make me sound like I’m made of steel. Hey, even Superman had his Kryptonite.” The slight rasp to René’s voice continued to scrape Billy’s goosepimples in the most seductive way.

“It doesn’t matter. Take Olivia. She blackmailed you. You only agreed to her proposition to save my ass. Nothing more.”

“True. And…proposition?” René’s eyes twinkled.


“You don’t use as much slang as you used to. I mean, you’re still a slang monster, and will probably always be.” René reached out and ran his finger along Billy’s cheekbone.

“Maybe ’cause the advanced classes have us writing essays and reports.” Billy folded his arms. “Hey, I was a good little soldier and took your advice. I’m learning lots on the debate team. It’s a great class.”

“I know you are.” René’s lips tugged at the corners. “They teach you different techniques. Are you using one of them now?”

“Nope.” Maybe Billy should.

“I see the horns sprouting out of your head.” Although René lightly chuckled, a smoldering campfire danced in his irises, flames ready to stretch out and burn Billy. “What’re you cooking up?”

“Nothing. Honestly.” Attempting to seduce René had been a dumb idea. Where was Billy’s pride? Probably on the floor where his tongue sat from this constant stroking on his cheekbone. If he had any dignity, he’d wait for René to give in to his feelings.

Aww, screw his pride. “You wanna fuck or not?”

“You know it’s what I want more than anything.” René’s confession was pure heat to Billy’s crotch.

“But your promise…” Billy gripped René’s finger still gliding along his cheekbone.

“It hasn’t been easy, that’s for sure.” There was something in René’s expression Billy couldn’t read.

Whatever lurked there was enough to massage Billy beneath his pants. He laced their fingers together and steered René to the basement stairs.

Billy took the steps one by one, moving carefully so he didn’t trip. There was nothing to worry about, though, because René kept a tight grip

Something waited for them down there. Something Billy could almost smell, because he was drawing in the deep scent of excitement. The same unfathomable expression simmered in René’s dark-brown eyes.

Anticipation boomed in Billy’s chest. He ached to lick his dry lips, but he had no saliva. His spittle had drained away on maybe the eighth step.

His socked feet brushed the cool ceramic tile on the floor. Not only was excitement ripening the atmosphere, fear was present. His own fear. He’d asked for this. He’d begged for this. Now that he clutched what he’d constantly hounded René for, a red alert siren wailed in Billy’s brain. Maybe the continuous impenetrability in René’s eyes was responsible. Perhaps this was how he’d feasted upon Olivia when he’d taken her to bed.

Billy’s knees became rubber, ready to give out under him. “Were you s-s-cared?” he sputtered through clacking teeth.

“Scared?” Even René’s voice was indistinguishable. He spoke in his soft tenor, but there wasn’t a trace of emotion.

“When you first did it?”

René finally peeled his peepers from Billy, but still held his hands. At least this brief moment of respite offered Billy a chance to gulp a helping of air. As for his rubber knees, they were hopeless.

Too soon, René glanced back with the same ambiguous gaze. He released one of their hands and unknotted the red tie.

Heart a roaring fire, Billy gaped.

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