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To celebrate the upcoming release of Knight Moves, the third book in the When We Were Young series, that is scheduled to hit the shelves on Friday, April 16, 2021, here is an excerpt of the second scene from chapter one.  If you missed the first scene, be sure to check it out HERE.

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday


René gasped. He leaned on the tiled wall wet from the spray of the hot water. His breathing remained quick and short. The shower washed away the result of jacking off. He ran his tongue along his lower lip. This was definitely getting old, but he was sticking to his guns. Especially now that he’d turned eighteen two weeks ago.

The legality of seeing Billy kept poking the back of René’s head. Although two grades separated them, technically, they were only a year apart, as Billy reminded anyone who bothered listening.

René reached for the shampoo. Starting last June, he was a high school graduate but had stayed another year to earn his Ontario Academic Credit, something every person who chose to pursue their post-secondary schooling did. He was hardly enrolled at Lakeside University. That wouldn’t happen until September.

So attending high school had to count for something while seeing a guy under the age of eighteen. Every year a couple of students pursuing their OAC dated a junior or senior.

He lathered up his hair. With the exception of Matt Gerhard, the rest of the rocker clique had moved on to the local college or trade institution.

Ian and Moxy had gone a step further. They’d split in his van for Toronto to attend The Franklin College of Music, the very place René had applied to before changing his mind at the eleventh hour to become a lawyer.

Ian and Moxy had returned for the Christmas holidays. René had jammed with them in the rehearsal space in the basement. They’d gone on and on, excitement in their eyes, about how much they were loving the music college.

That was another problem. Last May, René had been gung-ho about pursuing a career to help troubled youth like Billy. Now? René stood under the spray and washed the shampoo from his hair. Maybe this was why he was majoring in music for his undergraduate degree? Part of him couldn’t shake his biggest dream—writing songs and drumming for a living.

Why had he assumed on his eighteen birthday answers to his most urgent questions would magically appear? If anything, he was more confused now than when he’d been a minor.

Was he pursuing this new career for Billy’s sake? Or did this stem from guilt because René had popped from the womb holding a silver spoon, therefore, feeling obliged to help others who didn’t share his privileged upbringing? Or the biggie—he plain out didn’t want to leave Billy behind?

Emptiness would fill his life without the guy who’d changed René’s way of thinking, no matter if music earned him a gold record.

He snatched the soap and gripped the slippery bar. Big deal Ian and Moxy were chasing his dream for him. Love was about sacrificing everything for the person a guy had given his heart to. For Billy, René would do anything.


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