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It’s time for the first edition of Teaser Tuesday, a day when I’ll post teasers to my latest WIP or my upcoming release.  Today, I’m focussing on my upcoming Christmas story:  Tied Up with a Bow, set to release through eXtasy Books this coming Friday, November 29th.

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday

Here is the promised teaser and the blurb:

TIEDUPWITHABOWHe’s got the perfect Christmas present for the community’s chief—vengeance wrapped in a shiny box with a red bow on top.

Joseph Slade Indian isn’t angry. He’s pissed. Pissed that the man who threw over his love for glory and money is back, and now leads their Ojibway community as the new chief. Holding the pain deep in his chest, Slade knows how he’ll celebrate the most miserable day of the year—opening a gift of recompense after being dumped by the one man he dared to love.

Gavin Pemmican is full of regret. He knows he made a big mistake leaving Slade for a materialistic dream of power and prestige. No longer the poor bullied misfit but an educated lawyer, he’s ready to put his skills to the biggest case of his life by brazenly challenging Slade in the kangaroo court of sexual torture he’s daring to stick Gavin in—and win back the only man he’s ever loved.


Gavin’s cock strained against his zipper, threatening to burst through his gray flannel dress pants. He gripped his favorite ballpoint pen and glanced up from his desk to the door, a mere piece of wood keeping Joseph Slade Indian hidden from view in the hallway at the band office.

If Gavin dared to finally open the door, he’d relieve himself of the misery that had followed him everywhere for the past month as chief of his community. But Slade loathed him. Hated him. Hate was too kind a word. Despise was a better choice. And Gavin didn’t blame Slade, because he’d had done his ex-lover wrong, oh so very wrong.

His phone rang. He snatched up the receiver. “Hello?”

“The band manager’s on line one,” Gavin’s executive assistant said.

“Take a message. I’ll call him back.” He set down the phone.

In two hours, the band office would close for the Christmas break. While everyone else got to tear off and enjoy the festive season with trips into town or visiting family, Gavin would head home to Grandma’s house, devoid of decorations and a tree but filled with his fancy furniture, top-of-the-line stereo system, fully renovated kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedrooms, and a king-sized empty bed he’d sleep alone in.

He rubbed his brow and tapped the tip of his pen on his lip. Yes, he’d done this to himself, but all wasn’t lost. Not if the plan he’d formulated worked in his favor.

To read more, head on over to eXtasy Books and pre-order yourself a copy!

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