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If you enjoy First Nations literary and non-fiction, I highly recommend the works by Richard Wagamese.  My dad introduced me to this author a couple of years ago when he gave me Richard’s For Joshua:  A Native Father Teaches his Son for Christmas–a novel about what occurred to Richard as a result of the “sixties scoop.”

The memoir takes the reader through Richard’s life, from being placed in care at the age of three through the Child Welfare System to his escape from his adoptive family at the age of sixteen.  His journey of finding where he belongs takes the reader all over Canada as Richard attempts to come to terms with his life and what happened to him.  As he recounts his life, he provides lessons he hopes his son will use.

Besides his non-fiction works, such as One Story, One Song and One Native Life, there are also fictional works with strong themes.  Some of my favourites are:  Medicine Walk, Indian Horse, and Keeper ‘N’ Me.

For a full listing of Richard’s works, be sure to check out his web site.

This man’s writing is as poetic and peaceful as a walk through the woods.  His descriptions paint you a vivid picture of the protagonist’s journey, whether in the harsh environment of the desperate city streets to the tranquil beauty of the mountains.  Best of all, he shares his experiences of Anishinaabe culture and traditions.

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