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Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese

I received a text from my mom this morning, telling me the bad news.  One of my favourite authors, award-winning Ojibway writer Richard Wagamese, had passed away.  Immediately, I went online to check.  Sure enough, the Globe and Mail confirmed the worst.  At the time, Richard was working on a sequel to his acclaimed novel Medicine Walk.  What strikes me as ironic is that after I finished reading this book, I wished for a sequel, wanting to read more about Franklin Starlight’s (the protagonist) journey into manhood.

Richard’s other book, Indian Horse, is being adapted for a movie, according to the Globe and Mail, and what a movie that will make.  I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed this fictional work by Richard.

I did an Author Alert for him just a couple of week ago, after finally acquiring a faster Internet connection so I could begin updating my blog once again (up until then I was stuck on dial-up and unable to use WordPress).

I do hope many honour Richard’s memory and read his works, both fiction and non-fiction.  His latest publication, Embers, is full wisdom from the elders and his own learned experiences during his life’s journey.

Sleep well, Richard.  You will be greatly missed.

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