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Today, author Remy Marie is guesting.  She’s talking about her latest release Till the End, a post-apocalyptic, zombie, interracial romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


What inspired Remy to write the book:

After writing the Virginia Beach Pirates series, I really wanted to challenge myself to write something more than the typical romance word count of 50k to 80k. My goal was to write a book over 100k that not only had a romance plot, but also had an action and adventure plot. I’ve always been a fan of the Walking Dead series and comic. It was a tale about survivors coming together to fight an unrelenting force. That is what I wanted to do. I wanted to portray that same drama, but give it a classic romantic twist, which is where the whole fake marriage, friends to lovers plot comes from.

Remy’s favourite scenes in the book:

Some of my favorite scenes from the book are when Zack, Malcolm, Anne and Kelsey all have to escape the mall. The tension and suspense is high, making it a great page turner. I loved rereading that section. There’s some other scenes that are like that, where there’s classic zombie horror, but I don’t want to get into too much details as it’s a spoiler!

Remey’s favourite character:

I have a soft spot for Anne. She’s the badass with a sword. She’s a master at kendo and throughout the story, she goes through a range of emotions, making her a compelling character.


Title: Till the End
Series: N/A
Author: Remy Marie
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Interracial Romance

Zombies, cults, and a desperate search for a cure…two friends must test the limits of their relationship in this action-packed apocalyptic romance where secrets are the key to survival.

The US government has been keeping a secret…
During the Vietnam War, they created zombies, and if the undead ever escaped, they created a backup plan.

Code Z.
A last-ditch contingency for if their ill-advised creation should ever cause an outbreak.

Unfortunately, the day has come for that plan to be enacted.

Navy SEALs Malcolm White and Zack Morris are on a mission to rescue the Governor of Virginia from the spreading zombie invasion when they learn that Malcolm’s friend Anne Yamaguchi, and Zack’s wife Kelsey, are stuck in a mall in the midst of a zombie attack.

Abandoning the mission, Malcolm and Zack rush to save them and bring them to the safety of the Little Creek Naval Base. However, they discover that only those who are married to a member of the military are allowed to find sanctuary on the base. That is when a plan is devised, Anne and Malcolm pretend to be married, to protect her from the worst of the plague.

Soon Anne and Malcolm discover this plan creates more problems than it solves. Not only will the couple find themselves struggling to uphold the ruse, while also evading zombies and vengeful demonic cults, they will find that living a lie changes their growing feelings for each other. Feelings that could have the potential to ruin their friendship forever.

This fast-paced apocalyptic romance will leave you turning pages late into the night as stakes rise and friendships are tested. Will a cure be found? Or will the world fall to a monster of its own making?

TW: This book contains mature scenes, gore, sexual assault, and elements of horror.

“A modern-day Zombie novel is only the beginning of this unique take on an old favorite. Following the characters as they try to survive, not only against the undead but against man’s brutality. I enjoyed this story from start to finish and was rooting for the characters throughout. Some heart-stopping moments, which meant I struggled to put the book down.”

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Anne followed and sat next to him. “It’s just this fake marriage. When I agreed to it I didn’t think much of it at first, but now I’m realizing what it is. To me it’s almost like we really are married.”

“But we’re not.”

“Are we though? I mean like, the moment we stepped foot on this base I declared myself married. Right there I went from a single lady to a married lady. I mean what happens if I met someone I want to date?”

“Then we just get a divorce.”

“Really? You think it’s going to be that easy with the newly crowned King Wesley? He’s not going to let us get a divorce. He’s pissed that we outsmarted him and in retaliation he’s going to force us to stay married. God I would hate to see what he’d do to us if we decided to get a divorce.”

“He wouldn’t do that. He’d be reasonable.”

“Ha, like firing squad reasonable?”

Malcolm didn’t say anything as he looked away.

Anne sighed and shook her head. She rubbed his hand and got his attention. “Hey…”

Malcolm looked back up at Anne, peering into his eyes almost like a desperate plea.

“I know the ruse was to keep me here and safe but now it’s become more than that. Now I’m expected to show people how much we love each other when there’s no love there.”

“I mean we care for each other as friends…”

“We do, but how far will that take us? Kissing someone and convincing them that we’re in love is more than just a peck on the lips. There’s emotion and passion behind it.”

“What if there was.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s face it, we’ve been heckled nonstop from Kelsey and Zack for not doing more. What if what’s holding us back is the idea of friendship. Let’s just say for one moment. Right here in this tent, we forget what we always tell people and ourselves and just act upon what they see. We don’t think, we just do.”

“What are you suggesting, Malcolm?”

“Kiss me.”

Anne hesitated and bit her lip. Her heart beat seemed to triple as she looked into Malcolm’s eyes. Her fingers felt like they were made out of electricity and her breathing was labored.

“Malcolm …” she muttered.

“Don’t think, just do.” He replied, leaning in close. He paused, hovering over her lips before Anne closed her eyes and completed the space in between the two.

Anne was surprised how good a kisser Malcolm was. As soon as his lips touched hers there was sparks. While her eyes were closed, she could sense him with every fiber in her body. His lips were smoother than she imagined, but the feeling was out of this world. She loved the smell of his woodsy scent as it gave her butterflies. She could hear him gasping for air as his lips never left hers. She could taste his tongue on hers as they deepened their kiss.

They both took shallow breaths as if they couldn’t stand being away from each other for a moment. Opening her eyes, she gazed upon his brown eyes, and Anne could see the lust that drove him. He looked like a man on a mission as he was guided by one thing. Her.

Combined with the way that he held her and the way his tongue felt on hers she was in heaven. His kiss was hot-blooded, pulse-pounding and passionate. All she wanted was more. She didn’t know what came over her as her emotions took over all control. Her hands reached up and grabbed Malcolm’s back dragging him closer to her.


Remy Marie is a romance author who loves to write about charming heroes and brave heroines. While writing never came naturally for Remy, he continued to strengthen his craft, by constantly reading and writing. If he is not writing or reading, he is usually watching TV with his supportive wife, aggressively cheering for his college and professional sports teams, playing video games, or crunching numbers at his daytime job.

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