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As promised for my September 12th post, today I am reviewing A Lady Never Surrenders, book one in the Sisterhood of Scandals series, a historical romance by USA Today bestselling author Bronwen Evans.

Title: A Lady Never Surrenders
Series: Sisterhood of Scandal, Book #1
Author: Bronwen Evans
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance
Publication Date: September 22, 2022

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Bronwen Evans comes her new Sisterhood of Scandal series. A group of ladies whose friendship is based on ensuring they can take on the world dominated by their men folk. No male relative is going to choose their destinies.

Blurb:  Shhh. Blue Stocking Miss Tiffany Deveraux has a secret. The poor orphan is not so poor. But she does not want that information to become common knowledge. Being a plain Jane, any hint of money would just bring fortune hunters to her door. No. In society’s eyes she will remain the poor orphaned ward of the Earl of Marlowe. Only then will she ensure the man who eventually professes his love for her is genuine.

Lord Slade Ware, the Marquess of Wolfarth also has a secret. He’s a renowned investment guru with everything he touches turning to gold. Or is he? Society may think so, but mostly his investments have been blind luck, and he’s pretty sure his luck is about to run out. Help comes in the form of his best friend’s ward. He’s learned Miss Tiffany Deveraux’s secret. She’s an investment guru who has accumulated a considerable sum. Marriage would seem a sensible option with so many dependents relying on him. But what’s a man to do when the one thing a woman wants isn’t his looks, title or money—it’s his heart and Wolfarth’s heart is shattered beyond repair.

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Miss Tiffany Deveraux is an orphan, raised by her uncle, the Earl of Marlowe.  She regards her looks as plain, and even plainer when the man she secretly pines for as a young lass, Slade Ware, the Marquess of Wolfarth, becomes engaged to the most stunning woman Tiffany has ever set eyes on.  As she comes of age, she uses her great sense of investing in building a good nest egg for herself if she never marries, refusing to keep relying on her relatives for financial assistance.

Slade Ware, the Marquess of Wolfarth aka Wolf, will never fall in love again after tragically losing his fiancée.  But he’s aware he must marry thanks to his gambling uncle, and Tiffany will make the perfect bride with her keen sense for money, for she can help restore the coffers that are quickly being emptied.  But he is unaware she will not marry unless it’s a love match, because she will have her nest egg to fall back on if she finds herself single.

I really loved the blurb for this, so when it came up for review, I was in.  First off, I really liked Tiffany.  She’s an orphan, forced to grow up fast and is an independent young woman after losing her parents to highwaymen.  She isn’t about to give her heart to just anyone, especially Wolf.

Wolf is a true gentleman.  He takes Tiffany’s feelings into consideration, and he’s a great communicator as to why they will make a great match, even if he doesn’t love her.

Communication is key to this romance.  These two spend a lot of time talking, sparring, and working together.  I really liked this.  They are both mature and make no bones about how they feel, especially Tiffany who is very assertive.  And she is also a caring woman, wanting to help her friends financially, as well.

There is even a big mystery surrounding money, the death of her parents, and the loss of Wolf’s fiancée, which I really enjoyed.  We’re even given a look at the women who are a part of the Sisterhood of Scandal.  Mind you I thought the author concentrated too much on this part of the novel.  Some readers might love getting some insight into the cast of characters to be featured in upcoming novels.  But I prefer the focus to be on the main couple.

Still, it’s a great read.  I don’t want to say too much about the plot because it will lead to spoilers.  Let’s just say the author came up with a great idea that brings Tiffany and Wolf closer, where they have to learn to lean on each other, trust each other, and even do some compromising.  Well done.

The writing is wonderful.  The dialogue is natural and every bit Regency.  The setting is beautifully painted without being overdone.  It’s a great start to the series.  Do yourself a favour and get a copy.

Have you read A Lady Never Surrenders?  If yes, do you agree with my review?  If no, would you be willing to read the book now?

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