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Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

It’s time for another edition of Teaser Tuesday, a day when I post teasers to my latest WIP or my upcoming release.  Since I’m getting closer to seeing edits finalised on my m/m, young adult, interracial, contemporary romance, I thought I’d post another excerpt of After the Snow Melts, being released by Devine Destinies in the near future.

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday

Here is the teaser and the blurb:



He’s got to find a way to tell his best friend that he wants him—or lose him forever.

Rich, popular, and gorgeous Bryan DeChambeau pines from afar for his best friend. He loathes the idea of helping Elliot score a date for the snow dance. With his time running out, Bryan must find a way to capture his buddy’s attention—and that means boldly leaving an anonymous card in his main man’s locker.

Grateful for Bryan’s friendship ever since he moved from his Ojibway community to Thunder Bay to attend high school, Elliot Wasacase can’t disclose his true feelings, or he’ll lose the one true friend he has. Upon discovering an unsigned card in his locker from an admiring dude, he’s terrified someone knows his secret but suspects the person might be Bryan.

When Bryan’s car breaks down, stranding them on top of the mountain during a snowstorm, the two must either take a leap of faith or let fear and clashing beliefs cost them what they truly desire.


Bryan waited in the car. It was a good thing Dad had loaded sandbags into the hatchback for traction. Maybe he should have asked for a four-wheel-drive truck last year for his birthday instead of a sports car. Nah, his wheels were ten times cooler, even if the vehicle made winter driving tougher.

Sons and Lovers’ Waiting for the Romance hummed through the speakers. He tapped his foot in sync with the beat. The plan he’d mapped out was tattooed to his brain.

Elliot darted across the school parking lot. The snow was getting deeper, and his boots disappeared with each hop he took. He threw open the door and jumped inside.

“Man, I’m glad I wore boots today.” He spanked his gloves together. Snow fell on his lap that he brushed aside.

“What’s up?”

“Not much.” Elliot removed his gloves and set them on his lap.

Ten bucks he was thinking about the card. To hide his smirk, Bryan folded his lower lip over his upper. He steered them out of the parking lot.

“Wh-what’s this song? I never heard you play this one before.”

Waiting for the Romance by Sons and Lovers.”

“Err…” Elliot ducked his head and turned to the passenger window.

“We should get something to munch on. I’m jonesing for major grease,” Bryan said.

“Sure. Uh, what’s on the menu?”

You, if I’m lucky. “French fries.” Bryan would take them through Burger World, score some chow, and then drive up to the mountain that was on the other side of the Kaministiquia River.

They could eat and talk there, a perfect spot, because the mountain was on the Indian Reserve and didn’t get too many visitors this time of year. The road was kept clear during the winter, but there wasn’t any guarantee what shape it’d be in after all of this snow.

Half an hour later, with Elliot shifting in his seat, twiddling his thumbs, face flushing pink or red, and constantly clearing his throat, Bryan pulled up at the lookout spot halfway up the mountain.

The drive hadn’t been easy because nobody from the reserve had plowed the road today, probably because of the storm. But shoving the stick into third gear and keeping his foot on the pedal had made the winding road driveable, although there were a couple of hairpin turns which had thrown Elliot from his trance-like state to brace the dashboard.

Bryan shifted the stick into neutral and engaged the emergency brake.


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