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Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

I won.  Yes, as of November 25th, I completed a total of 50,851 words.  In my previous NaNo update, I mentioned I was shooting for 60k by the end of the month.  If I write 2k a day, which I have been since November 15th, I’ll meet this goal.

I’m on chapter eighteen for Sanctified, Book Three of the Matawapit Family Trilogy, starring big brother Jude and family enemy Raven Kabatay.  These two are a blast to write.  I’m enjoying Raven’s hidden insecurities she masks behind her bold, sassy, sexy ways.  And I love Jude’s confusion and loss now that he’s no longer ruling his life with his usual take-charge nature.



They’re both at a crossroads when they meet during election time at Ottertail Lake.  The notorious and extremely traditional Kabatay family will stop at nothing to rule their Ojibway community, while the Matawapit family are determined to stop them.

I also mentioned in my previous post that I’ll be revising Redeemed, Book Two, during the month of December.  Then it’ll be sent off to eXasty Books.  While waiting on edits, I’ll be completing the last 30k for Sanctified.

I’m thinking about writing a free novella for the Matawapit Family Trilogy.  I rather like the deacon and his wife’s backstory.  Witnessing how they met and the trials they had to overcome would make a nice read of about 25k to 30k words.  We’ll see.  But that won’t happen until Sanctified is sent off into the publishing world.

Come the spring/summer, I’ll be drafting a historical romance set, again, in northwestern Ontario between the local doctor and a young, stunning Ojibway woman.  The two have been floating around in my brain for over a month now.

Anyhoo, that’s my update.  Time for some well-deserved R&R now.

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