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Yes, I’m participating.  So I thought I’d give a quick update of my writing goals and progress until the end of the year.  As you know, Blessed was released on July 06, 2018, the first book in the Matawapit Family Trilogy.

At the end of October, I finished the fourth draft for Redeemed, Book Two, and sent off the manuscript for a critique.  While being critted, I chose to participate in NaNoWriMo.  On November 1st, I started drafting Book Three, Sanctified.



I do have a working blurb, but it’s not good enough to post yet, LOL.  But it does star Jude, the eldest of the siblings:  Emery (Book One) and Bridget (Book Two).  Raven Kabatay, recovering addict and sister to the series antagonist Clayton Kabatay, is the heroine.

The Kabatays desire to rule Ottertail Lake, and in Sanctified, Clayton will stop at nothing to become chief of the Ojibway community with elections just around the corner.  Jude finds himself entangled in the family battle to stop the Kabatays from taking over the reserve.

It’s been a lot of fun working on this book.  I had just as much pleasure writing Bridget’s story, which I plan on polishing during the month of December.  Come January, I’ll be submitting Redeemed (Bridget’s story) to eXasty Books.  While that’s on submission, I’ll be finishing the last of Jude’s story.

Yes, back to Jude.  As of November 9th, I’ve written six chapters for a total of 16,954 words.  By the time I’m done as of November 30th, I’m anticipating producing 60,000 words.  Come January, I’ll have roughly 30,000 left to draft.  So that is January’s goal:  finish the first draft for Jude and Raven’s romance.

On another note, Blessed made the rotating banner for eXasty Books‘ web site.  I had to shrink it a bit to make it fit, but here is what you’ll see:


Anyhoo, that’s all I got for you today.

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