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Being new to book marketing after the release of my first novel through eXtasy Books on July 6th, I asked the staff at Digital Book Girl to guest at my blog in order to help fellow authors choose the right book promotion service for their shiny new release they’ve slaved over.  There are many promotional services available, so why not ask an expert what you need to consider when researching book promotion services?

Digital Book Girl & Staff not only offer great advice, but they’re here to answer any questions you have, so please, ask away in the comment section.  Here is Digital Book Girl:


Many authors might be thinking “what sets one book promoter apart from another?” That’s a great question, and with so many promoters out there how do you choose?

If you’re looking at promoting your books through a service that provides tweets as a part of their promotional service, you’ll want to do your research to ensure you’re working with not only a qualified promoter, but one that also has a genuine Twitter following.

If a promoter’s Twitter page utilizes fake followers, having your books promoted on their social media won’t increase your book sales anymore than if you did nothing at all.

So how can you tell the difference between real and fake followers on Twitter?

For starters, you can click on any page’s followers and quickly identify fake accounts by looking for blank profile pictures and/or blank biographies… either/or are sure signs of a fake account. Another sign of a fake Twitter account can be seen in the username. For instance, usernames with a series of numbers after the name such as: BobJohnson69656986565… looks pretty fake right?

For those who want to dig a little deeper, you can also click on any suspicious accounts to view their activity… are they an account that was opened months ago, yet only have a handful of tweets? Or are they a new account with no posts? Chances are they’re fake accounts.

Some promoters also use a “network” of Twitter accounts to promote books. For example they state that they’ll promote your book to their “collective” 150,000 Twitter followers, tweeting your book ads on 7 or more Twitter accounts with a “combined” following of 150,000—meaning each account would have around 21,000 followers.

Now this may sound impressive at first, but if you look closer you’ll find that most of these “collective” accounts each share the same following… meaning that the same group of 21,000 following the one account, are the same group of 21,000 following the other accounts. Look closer still, and you may even find that the bulk of their “followers” aren’t even real people, but fake accounts set up to look like real ones.

Digital Book Girl is highly active on social media where we use a single Twitter account to connect with our followers, alongside a Facebook page and Instagram account to share and recommend books to our followers.


At present we have 28,000+ followers on Twitter, 1,500+ followers on Facebook, and 1,000+ followers on our Instagram account, and we are constantly growing our following—reaching out and connecting with real book lovers.

We are continually developing our services to bring in real results for the authors we promote, and also have a free newsletter with a growing audience of readers looking for great books to enjoy!

Digital Book Girl doesn’t use social media just to post books, we also use our platform to connect with and encourage authors in their writing journey.

Because we are highly active on social media we enjoy 600,000+ organic impressions each month on Twitter alone, not including traffic to our Facebook page where we enjoy an organic post reach of 2,500 to 6,000 each week, not to mention our growing Instagram page—all of which we use to funnel traffic directly to our blog thereby creating genuine interest in and sales for the books we promote.

Again, all that we do is done in an organic way, meaning that we don’t buy followers. We don’t buy followers because we believe that in order to sell books and provide real value to our clients, we need real people to interact and engage with in order to increase awareness and genuine interest in the books we promote.

We hope you find this information helpful the next time you’re researching book promoters!

Wishing you success!
Digital Book Girl
Staff & Management

Digital Book Girl is an advertising and marketing agency that helps authors and writers sell more books through our advertising and marketing efforts. Visit us online at, or connect with us today on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Authors and writers can get started promoting their books with us for FREE right away by visiting!


What questions do you have for Digital Book Girl?

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