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What’cha Watching?

I’m a sucker for period dramas and mysteries.  I should be because historical romance is my favourite genre to read.  Since I’m on good ol’ satellite TV and not hip to Netflix LOL, I naturally gear up for the fall TV season.  Mind you I don’t watch a lot of shows, but when I do find one I love, I become a rabid fan!

For this post, I am happy to say that CBC is airing the twelfth season of Murdoch Mysteries and the second season of Frankie Drake Mysteries, starting Monday night, September 24th.

I did a previous post about Frankie and the girls, so be sure to check it out.  As for Murdoch, read my other post about Canadian TV shows, because Murdoch is included.

Murdoch commenced in Victorian era Toronto, but with the passing of Queen Victoria, the setting is now the Edwardian period.  Frankie and her merry gals are solving mysteries during the roaring twenties.

Both shows not only tackle murder mysteries, but also social problems during their respective eras.  There is also some nice romance going on for viewers who enjoy a serving of the stuff.

Murdoch Mysteries is based on author Maureen Jennings‘ novel series.  She recently released Let Darkness Bury the Dead, the eighth novel in the series.  The books have a darker feel to them than the more lighter TV series, and I highly recommend reading them.  Maureen is a brilliant writer who brings the city of Toronto and the characters to life.

What about you?  What shows are you looking forward to?

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