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On the Hunt

Where I live, there are places told to me where the Ojibway and Dakota battled.  There is even two towns that carry the names–one is a narrows and the other is a lookout spot.  One elder even mentioned a battle that took place where a bridge is now–it’s where she wanted to offer tobacco, she told her granddaughter.

John Tanner, in his book the Falcon, even documented these battles.

Currently, I’m reading a book by James A. M. Ritchie, who formerly worked as a community development researcher, electronic and print media journalist, native policy analyst and consultant, and town archivist.

There are four volumes in Mr. Ritchie’s books:

volume i volume ii
volum iii volum iv

I recently purchased Volume I, and I must say I’m really enjoying what he’s researched.  He’s dug deep through papers, books, historians, translators, elders, and too many others to list.  In the books, he cites the documents he used for research and also supplies his own narratives and maps.

The books are available through  If you get the chance, give them a read.  They’re worth every penny.

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