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This is a great place developed by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, creators of Writing Helping Writers and their most famous tool for a writer out there–the Emotion Thesaurus.


One Stop for Writers

One Stop for Writers is what it says.  You have access to all of the thesaurus’ written by Becca and Angela (besides the Emotion Thesaurus), such as:  colour and pattern, physical features, setting (urban or rural), shapes, textures, emotion amplifiers, and a host of others.  All are a click away as you write.  Even better?  Members get first crack at the newest books developed by Becca and Angela.  Currently, they are working on an occupation thesaurus, and when it’s finished, as a member I get access to it before the general public does.

When do I use these thesauruses?  While I’m editing or revising.  The books allow me to easily look up an emotion, description, or whatever I need.  The books also give me fresh ideas for a character’s internal sensations, mental responses, and physical signals and behaviours.  No more pounding heart, shrugs, heart-shaped faces, or rolling eyes.

Besides the many books, there are other resources to help a writer write.  There are checklists and tip sheets, story maps, scene maps, timelines (what would I do without this, baby?), and templates and worksheets.

The great thing about this site is everything can be saved to your workspace that you create.  So far, I have my story map and two timelines saved.

Get this.  I’m a panster, and as a panster even I find the story developing tools very handy.

For a better understanding of One Stop for Writers, here is where you get a full overview of what’s offered and how this web site can be used to help you write and polish your novel.

Does it cost anything?  Yes, it does.  Membership varies.  You can sign up for free (limited access), one month, six months, or a full year.  Here are some testimonials.

Becca and Angela have made it their goal to help writers with their writing.  Don’t forget to check out their other web site:  Writers Helping Writers.

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