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I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!

Being a total music junkie (yes, look at my blog posts because the majority are devoted to music), I can listen to just about anything, although my preference is metal and hard rock.  Through Sissy, I was introduced to sixties rock, sixties girl groups, and Neil Diamond.  Uh huh, my seventeen-year-old heroine digs Neil.  So while writing her story, I had Neil Diamond blasting in my truck.  Y’know something?  I fell in love with Neil.

Now?  My one MC (Keith) enjoys adult contemporary.  I just ordered an Air Supply CD.  I never thought I’d do that.  But he enjoys Air Supply.  Rita Coolidge.  Carly Simon.  I’m glad I already had the last two on my laptop thanks to another character.  He even had me listening to the Bee Gees.  Yes, there I was, working out to Night Fever and Tragedy.

One thing about my characters—they all enjoy music.  Some are sick die-hard like me (Gabriel) and others are causal listeners.  I had hubby program the country channels into my satellite radio thanks to Jesse (another MC) because he’s all about outlaw and old school country.  When I listened to Willie’s Roadhouse, I sort of chuckled because I began hearing songs I’d long forgotten.  My father is a huge country and blue grass fan. And since he’s a music junkie, he always had music playing in the house.  He’s like me.  Listens to everything but has his fave genres.  He even likes Metallica.

I’m thankful Wayne (another mc) is into industrial, grunge, and metal.  No need to buy new music there.  Wayne is also into Kiss.  Seriously.  He says listening to Eddie Trunk’s radio show turned him onto the band.  Being a teenager of the mid-90s, he wasn’t too familiar with Kiss until Eddie kept playing their songs.

If my characters had their way, they’d do nothing but talk about music in their stories.  In my current ms, I’m going to have to dial back the music convos.  This is Gabriel’s doing—the rock ‘n’ roll music junkie.

They also pick their “theme” song for the novel.  Thanks to Gabriel and Jesse, I lost count of how many times I listened to Endlessly by Joe Lynn Turner.  By the time I finished that round of revisions, I couldn’t listen to him anymore.  Me.  Sick of JLT.  One of my favourite singers.

Currently, it’s All Time High by Rita Coolidge.  Keith chose this song.  He says it sums up his romance with Wayne.  I do agree with Keith’s pick.  The lyrics belong to them.

If any characters decide they are into rap or hip hop, that’ll be the end of me.  With all due respect to you rap and hip hop lovers, I can’t stand either genre.

Some of my characters are also musicians.  The Boys from the Bay actually have a rock band.  Now whether they get famous or not, that’s another story.  I’m leaning towards non-fame because I don’t want to get into band fiction territory.  Gabriel is a singer who never made it, so he’s putting his degree to use.  There is something appealing about those who don’t reach the top and play music on the side.  Probably because I know people who do.

How about you?  Have you discovered new music because of your characters?

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