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A Serving of Love by Andrew Grey

Yes, a little early am I not?  LOL.  I must admit I’ve been suffering a terrible toothache since Monday.  Well, not a toothache since it’s the one I had a root canal done on.  Darn dentist is making me wait and see how the antibiotics work (saw him this morning).  So when you’re up all night in pain, what do you do?  Read.  I downloaded a new e-book from Kobo, naturally.  Since I really enjoyed Annemarie McKenna’s Court Appointed, I thought I’d read another one about a judge.  Mmm.  Love those judges!  While browsing through the GLBT romances, I came across A Serving of Love by Andrew Grey.

Blurb:  Sebastian Franklin has waited a long time to prove himself as front of the house manager at Cafe Belgie, but his first night in charge while Darryl, his boss, is on vacation is less than a success.  The restaurant is robbed at closing time, and the Good Samaritan who foiled the robber comes with his own complications.

Robert Fortier is the county’s newest judge, and a reluctant one at that. He is well aware that a public life is not always easy, especially when your personal life makes you the target of a media frenzy. Still, Robert enjoys Sebastian’s company, and Sebastian is never without a serving of happiness and flair for his favorite public figure. But Sebastian is not without his issues either—family chaos and an ex in trouble will put the pressure on as they struggle for even footing in this new romance.

Available at:  Kobo, Amazon, and B&N.

I must admit I am enjoying reading about older couples–those pushing forty or are in their forties.  Probably because hubby and I are in our late thirties/early forties hehe.

Anyhoo, my fingers are crossed that the antibiotics and tylenols won’t put me back at the starting gate for the dry eyes of doom.  I’ve come so far where I can now comfortably write without slamming down the putah lid every fifteen minutes to take a break.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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