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…hack your way through the forest.  Yeah, that about sums up my situation.  Over at LiveJournal, I can recall starting a new LJ to record my journey to publication.  I did this around June 2010…I think.  Thanks to the dry eyes, I won’t be pursuing traditional or e publishing.  There is no way I can work under an editor’s schedule with these eyes.  But I ain’t no quitter.  I’m going the self-pubbing route.

Mind you it’s a bit scary since I have no clue about indie publishing LOL.  A lady I consider my mentor has generously offered to format my MS, though.  She is published and indie-published–a successsful author who enjoys trying out all avenues. There is also a really great artist who I interviewed (just search the interview category) who I am going to ask to do my cover art.  She’s awesome.  I love what she’s done so far.

I’m trying not to think too far ahead, lest I end up discouraging myself–such as, “How am I gonna market my book if I can’t be online??  How do I market offline??”  I’ll tackle that hurdle when I get there.  Right now it’s just awesome to be on the putah editing Fire and Water.

It’s a slow process.  If anything, all of these curve balls have taught me to be patient.  Me.  One of the most impatient people you’ll ever meet.  So I do count my blessings that I’ve learned patience.  Also, I try not to see this time as a set-back.  I see it as time to think, dream up new novels once Fire and Water is finished, and absorb myself in what I love–yardwork and gardening.  You’d think I woulda gotten a tan!  I spend at least six hours outside every day.  Instead, I’m just red.  Haha.  So much for being an Ojibway, huh?  Mind you I’m a very pale Ojibway who doens’t produce a gorgeous tan as my siblings do.  They inherited that nice tanned skin; not me.  I got sensitive skin tortured by eczema haha.

I’m still smiling.  No, I’m not saying I grinned through this all.  I had my moments of screaming frustration.  But being such a natural optimist, I always pick myself back up and find a silver lining.

Apologies in advance for typos and what-not.  I don’t edit blog posts anymore because of the ol’ eyes.

5 thoughts on “If the road washes out on you…

  1. Kat says:

    Ah Maggie! I knew we were kindred spirits for a reason: pale, dry skin. Of course, I can’t complain about easy-tanning siblings as you can. There isn’t a drop of non-Celtic blood in my body. 😉 I used to dream that my freckles would connect into a gorgeous tan, but now I just smile at the idea that all my friends will be wrinkled old wrecks while I’ll be the 100 year old woman who looks 50 without any plastic surgery. I have my yardwork and gardening chores carefully timed to avoid my nemesis, the sun (I can burn even on cloudy days, mind you…). Looking forward to seeing Fire and Water in print someday!


    1. You burn under the clouds too, huh? LOL. Such fun stuff. I always wear my hat to keep my face covered, otherwise I end up with rashes on my face. Bleh LOL. Not fun. I used to get so jealous how my siblings, cousins and many friends could just sit out in the sun like that and get even darker. Now I’m fine with it. Even when we’re out in the boat, we keep the top up for my sake.


  2. Left-Brained Business for Write-Brained People says:

    Maggie! So glad for the update. I’ve missed you, and have checked your blog frequently through the month. You are so strong, and your plan is a good one. I love how you’re proceeding undaunted, and can’t wait until I can buy my own copy of Fire and Water!

    Take care and know we’re all rooting for you. One more thing, have you mentioned your difference in skin between you and your siblings to your doctor? I don’t know that there’s any correlation between eczema and dry eyes, but it’s worth asking about. Just a thought.



    1. Hi Joanie. How goes it? Yes, doctor is aware I have eczema. He also knows I am going through dry eyes now. Maybe there is some kind of connection. Like you, I used to wear contacts. I started wearing them at sixteen because I was allergic to the material in glasses at the time and wound up with horrible rashes on each side of my nose LOL. Oh fun. Then the contacts gave me dry eyes (dr. diagnosed me with it when I was 22) so I had to stop wearing my contacts. I think it was the contacts that started this mess. Once I stopped wearing contacts, though, I was fine and dandy. So I’m not sure what brought this on. I was using that antihistamine for the past ten years. I’m still thinking it was that crazy low sodium diet I got me and the hubby on. Three weeks into it (was a terrible terrible saltaholic), the ol’ eyes dried up, so my dr. told me to reintroduce salt back into my diet. He said the “crash” and the major loss of fluid could have played a big roll in it. I don’t know; nobdy seems to know.

      I am coming along, though. Here I am replyign only a few days after my post, and I’ve also been working on Fire and Water. Not steadily, but an hour a day (and a few breaks in that hour just to make sure my eyes get a rest). I’m actually on my way over to your blog right now!


      1. P.S. othe moral of the story: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it LOL. I never shoulda tried out that low sodium diet since I was tested by the dr. for diabetes, high blood pressuer, thryoid, etc (anything that could contribute to dry eyes) but the tests came back all negative.


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