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Yes, I thought I’d take a quick break from my NaNo project in order to blog.  This is my second year and I’m ahead of the game at 31,356 words so far—or something like that (I’d have to check).  According to the NaNo stat thingie, I should finish on November 23rd.  Would be nice.  Hopefully I can keep this pace.  Last year I got so caught up in NaNoing I finished 50k in sixteen days LOL.  Whoa!  But I faced major burn-out afterwards.  Major burn-out.  So burnt-out I couldn’t think of anything writing.  It took Biffno to get me out of my burn-out faze, and during Biffno I drafted Real, which is waiting to be edited, since I’m currently editing Fire and Water, and that WIP is sitting on the wayside, thanks to NaNo.

Anyway, the story is progressing nicely.  For my heroine, Lisa, I’m using first person POV, something I don’t delve into very often.  I’m a third person chickie.  But Lisa’s voice is just too vocal for third.  She must speak.  I have no idea how publishers will take to the alternating POVs from first to third, because Jebb, the hero, is not a first person fella.  He said third is a must.  Funny how characters dictate which POV is to be used, huh?

I keep hearing different classifications for heroes as I read the many blogs on the net.  I’d say Jebb falls into the beta hero category.  He’s eighteen when the story starts (it takes place in the 80s) and plays rhythm guitar in a band.  So I thought I’d do a listing of mixed songs you’d find in Jebb’s Walkman.  Yes, I said Walkman.  Heh.

1)  Big Joe Turner – Wee Baby Blues

2)  George Thorogood – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

3)  Judas Priest – Rocka Rolla

4)  Megadeth – Looking Down the Cross

5)  Grand Funk Railroad – Aimless Lady

6)  Rainbow – Stargazer

7)  Eagles – Outlaw Man

8)  Bob Seger – Katmandu

9)  Credence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son

10)  The Scorpions – Loving You Sunday Morning

11)  Pat Travers – Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)

12)  Kix – Don’t Close Your Eyes

13)  The Doors – Roadhouse Blues

14)  Warrior – Welcome Aboard

15)  Seduce – Colleen

16)  Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

17)  Tommy Bolin – Post Toastee

18)  Overkill – Elimination

19)  Motley Crue – On with the Show

20)  Ratt – Wanted Man

21)  Johnny Lee Hooker – Boom Boom

22)  Gary Moore – The Loner

23)  Ozzy Osbourne – Suicide Solution

24)  Dio – Holy Diver

25)  Yngwie Malmsteen – Hold On

What in your hero’s playlist?

4 thoughts on “A pinch of NaNo and a dash of music

  1. Lynn Rush says:

    Oh cool. You were just at my blog checking out my song for my hero, so you know I’m all into RED right now. Woot!!!!

    Love writing with some serious tunes blaring.



    1. Me too. Music all the time is a must. Thanks for stopping by, Lynn.


  2. Ciara Knight says:

    My son’s band plays some of these. 80’s are kind of back in again. LOL. Well, ACDC is huge at the middle school. They think they discovered something new. LOL


    1. OMG haha, that is so neat. Funny how it all comes around again. Next thing you know, mullets will be cool again. 😀


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