Maggie Blackbird

Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

For this week’s edition of Fun Fact Friday I am giving you five fun facts about Redeemed, book two in The Matawapit Family series, a contemporary romance.

    • I wanted to explore First Nations gangs, especially those in Winnipeg, so I made the hero, Adam Guidmond, an ex gangbanger who’d been in and out of trouble since his youth.
    • Back in the day, I thought the late Native American actor Sonny Landham was hawt.  He was in 48 hours and Predator, along with a host of other action movies.  I based Adam’s deep booming voice, muscular physique, and physical features on Sonny in his prime.
    • The novel is a recipient of eXtasy Books’ Editor’s Choice Award.
    • I wanted an Ojibway hero who grew up in an urban environment and never knew “the rez.”
    • The neighbourhood of North Point Douglas in Winnipeg is Adam’s hometown since it has a high aboriginal population (pretty much a mini-rez).

You can purchase a copy of Redeemed at eXtasy Books for 40% off until the end of March/2023.

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