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Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

I thought I’d share my latest creation that I finished drafting since I ventured into new territory this time.  Twisted Beauty (the working title) takes place in a dystopian future in the badlands of South Dakota–an Ojibway man against a Lakota man.  Be sure to read the working blurb, logline, and excerpt.

His community or enemy.  He can’t have both.

Deep in the badlands, long after the fall of modern civilization, Hunter patrols the area as the war chief for his Lakota community.  His latest mission is to hunt down a marauder who robbed his neighbors of their precious goods.  He’ll act as this man’s judge, jury, and executioner.

Having lost everything at his former Ojibway encampment, Chassis is far from home.  He wanders the badlands, a grim reaper bringing death to those with what he needs to survive.  But there is one man courageous enough to challenge him.

When the duo faces off, neither expects the sizzling chemistry to erupt between them, nor for their duel to touch what both have denied themselves.  Now they must choose to either remain together and sacrifice their beliefs, or go their separate ways, losing what they’ve spent their lives searching for—love.

Genre(s): Dystopian M/M Romance, First Nations Romance, Native American Romance
Heat Rating: Level 4
Publication Date: Coming Soon.
Publisher: eXtasy Books

Chassis studied his adversary.  No begging for mercy.  No bargaining.  The man was either very courageous or utterly stupid.  Hopefully it was the former, seeing how he’d yet to encounter anyone who hadn’t pleaded for their life or swayed him with possessions.  But the man was aware he stared down death by the sweat beading above his perfectly shaped, pink upper lip.  It was the only hint of his tall opponent’s fear.


The guy had legs longer than the white line on the highway.

The more he assessed his captive, Chassis’ needs hidden under lock and key heated his crotch.

His peripheral vision caught Carrot fidgeting in her cage, the only companion he allowed in the car.

His captive’s tongue reaching out to lick his lower plump lip reminded Chassis why he’d taken the big Indian hostage.  Up and close instead of the man seated on the passenger door of a car holding while holding a shotgun, he could drink in his opponent’s features.  Lips smooth and tempting, the kind his finger wanted to trace and unearth if they were as lush and silky as they looked.  Then there were the eyes.  With his black pupils adjusted to the night sky, the stranger’s just as black irises blended in with them, creating a luminous glow like the moon.

Everything about the man was perfect.  How does did a creature of such ethereal gentlemanly grace thrive in the badlands?  His adversary was the epitome of perfect health with his tanned skin, razor-sharp, high cheekbones, long neck, wide shoulders, V-shaped torso, and dark chest hairs.

The lust stirring in Chassis was powerful, most likely because the man wasn’t a coward and had pursued him with the cunning of Nanabush.  There was more going on here than a blending of pure exquisiteness and bold masculinity.  The stranger was as determined as Chassis.  Most would have overlooked his supposed crime.  But something told him the man not only believed in an eye for an eye, the fucker wanted both peepers, which was why the son of a bitch had stalked him here—to kill him.

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  1. H K Carlton says:

    Phew! New territory is gonna be a scorcher!

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