Maggie Blackbird

Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

For this edition of Fun Fact Friday, I am giving you five fun facts about Real Warriors, the fourth and final book in the When We Were Young series, a m/m new adult contemporary romance.

  • This book wasn’t supposed to happen.  I planned on making the When We Were Young series a trilogy, but unfortunately, to tie everything in the series together, I needed a fourth book.
  • I’d say this was my favourite one to write.  The heroes, Billy Redsky and René Oshawee, grew so much over the series, and this final book is a true test of their romance.
  • I had a great time writing Billy and René as new adults as they dug deeper into their Ojibway culture, which they desperately need or they could sink deep in the water.
  • My newest character, Grandpa Chases, really found a place in my heart.  I adore that old Lakota elder, and the “help” he provides to René, who doesn’t believe he needs his culture and is only present in South Dakota to cheer on Billy, who is undertaking the sun dance ceremony.
  • I love this graphic of René.  It’s how I visualized him during the series.  I wish the cover artist could’ve used this model for the novels.

You can purchase a copy of Real Warriors at eXtasy Books.

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