Maggie Blackbird

Romancing Canada's Indigenous People

With the Circle is Small set to release in a few weeks, I thought I’d share another excerpt for this week’s edition of Teaser Tuesday.


An ex-cop returning to face his horrendous past, the woman who won’t forgive him, and the family who’ll never let him forget that he killed their son.

Blurb:  First Nations Constable Jordan Chartrand’s guilt can’t handle the accusing stares from the family left to mourn their son after that horrible night…so he flees from his Ojibway community and the woman he loves. Two years later, his mother’s cancer diagnosis forces him to return to help her.

Devoted schoolteacher Ellie Quill wants nothing to do with Jordan after he bolted to the city and left her behind. Her life goals are set. As for her secret, she’ll keep that to herself, even if Jordan’s begging to know the truth about her child.

When the two are compelled to work on a community project to address the rampant drug problem, their forced proximity slowly melts Ellie’s icy walls. But no matter how much her heart desires to give Jordan the second chance that he’s begging for, she refuses to because providing a life for her son in the tradition of the Ojibway culture is her top priority now, not moving to the city where Jordan continues to hide.

Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, First Nations Romance, Native American Romance
Heat Rating: Level 3
Publication Date: Coming Soon.
Publisher: eXtasy Books


Jordan dashed over, dodging puddles with a hip and a hop. He stood beside her door, waiting for her to leave the car.

Ellie pushed away her hesitation. She couldn’t let him stand in the rain, so she darted from the vehicle and huddled safely under the umbrella. Besides the clean scent of the rain bringing to life the aroma of the spruce and pine trees, Jordan’s fragrance was under her nose, a reminder of what they’d done last Monday.

She was squashed up against him, close enough to brush his side, his firm muscles waiting for the same taste she’d given him a week ago.

“We’re gonna have to run together so neither of us get soaked.” He put his arm around her shoulder.

She almost recoiled at his touch, but she knew he had no choice, otherwise he’d have to scrunch down to reach her waist.

“Do you mind?” Jordan asked. “It’ll be easier for us to run in sync.”

His palm was searing her bare arm like a blacksmith branding an iron. She cursed the humidity that had compelled her to don a sleeveless polo shirt. “I’m fine.”

“Okay, on the count of three. One…two…three…”

She dashed along beside him, having to run faster to keep up with his long legs since he towered over her. Their bodies moved as one, reminiscent of…no way, she wasn’t going there. Instead, she kept her head down, doing her best to avoid the puddles that Jordan stepped in to keep her feet dry. Damn him and his gallantness. Fucking gentleman.

They were upon the door and beneath the cement awning above them. Dry. And safe. Well, she couldn’t say safe. She had her ex-boyfriend to contend with.

Jordan opened the door. “How you doing? Did you get wet?”

“Just a little bit,” she murmured.

He left the umbrella open by the door. “I made coffee. A cup will do you good.”

She could use some joe and followed him across the big floor to the back where the meeting room was located. The smell of perking java filled every corner, a welcome respite from the endless rain. It was one of those too hot and sticky days with high humidity clinging to her skin.

Now that she was alone with Jordan, she glanced down at her outfit. Cutoffs and slides. For some reason she felt too bare, even though her body had demanded minimal covering.

The shorts on Jordan offered a great look at his strong calves but hid his thick thighs. He’d tucked in his t-shirt. His trim waist on display was an invitation to lock her arms around and caress his six-pack beneath.

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