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I’m always trying to find new ideas for my blog, and for 2023 I thought I’d introduce Fun Fact Friday, where I give five fun facts about one of my novels.  For this week’s edition, here are five fun facts about Born for This, book one in the Maizmerized series, a time travel, historical/contemporary romance.

  • An author friend suggested to two other authors and me that we work on a series relating to a corn maze.  So I came up with the series title of Maizmerized.  Although only another author and I submitted our novels to eXtasy Books, I decided one book wasn’t enough for the series; I have two more planned.
  • Back in the 80s and early 90s, I was a huge fan of The Cult, a rock band from England.  Their music bordered on the mystical, and listening to this band while I worked out and wrote was very inspirational for coming up with that same mystical vibe in the novel.
  • The heroine’s name “Edie” was inspired by The Cult’s song Edie.  Plus, I love the name.
  • Edie’s name in the past becomes Fire Woman, and again this was inspired by The Cult, who also have a song called Fire Woman.
  • I always wanted to write a historical novel, and this gave me the opportunity to take a contemporary heroine back into the past when the area where I live was being explored and settled.

Currently, Born for This is on sale at eXtasy Books at 40% off.  Pick up a copy.  While you’re there, check out my write friend D.S. Dehel’s own take on the corn maze.  Her release Nine for a Kiss is also on sale.

2 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday

  1. I’ve been hoping there’d be a sequel!

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    1. TY, yes, I want to start working on it once I get these two other WIPs out of the way.

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