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Today, I’m hosting a multi-author anthology O Deadly Night, a dark m/m romance.  Be sure to read my review.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: O Deadly Night
Series: A Dark MM Charity Anthology
Authors: Nicholas Bella, E.B. Burns, Abrianna Denae, Elouise R East, Taylor J Gray, Mandy Greenwood, Rorie Kage, Leigh Kenzie, Davidson King, Claire Marta, Faith Ryan
Genre: Dark M/M
Tropes: Various
Themes: Dark content featuring holidays. Includes topics from mafia to erotic BDSM and more. Content warning for some pieces include non-con, dub-con, torture, murder, and potentially other dark elements.
Release Date: November 15, 2022
Heat Rating: This will vary. Some will be 5 flames.
Length: approx. 165 000 words

Sometimes the happiest season of all is hiding the darkest secrets.

Blurb:  Twinkling lights and festive songs are in every shopping center and on every street corner. But what lurks in the dark alleys beyond the main street decorations? Who hides behind the joyful enthusiasts with a dangerous bah humbug attitude?

Join eleven dark MM authors as they explore the darker half of the holidays while also spreading cheer and support to LGBTQ youth.

O Deadly Night is a Dark MM anthology with all proceeds to be donated to The Trevor Project.

Note:  Some stories may end on a cliffhanger.

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Slay Ride by Davidson King

Mason’s Christmas sure takes the unexpected twist in this dark romance.  He’s a bookish guy who isn’t much for people, a loner who lost his parents tragically and was raised by the parents of his bestie JJ.  When David attends a party, that’s where he meets Gabe and his brothers…and these guys are out for vengeance.  Mason isn’t sure if they are friends or foes, but there is much happening in his town that’s been kept hidden, and the brothers are about to expose it all.

I must say this got off to a great start.  I enjoyed the character Mason and his love interest Gabe.  There was action, mystery, and romance.  Plenty to sustain the plot and get the ball rolling for a helluva slay ride.  However, just as things were getting good, what was supposed to be a short story came to an end on a cliffhanger.

All I Want by Abrianna Denae

Another cliffhanger short story.  Carter has a secret, and he’s part of the higher-ups in the Amato crime family.  What he doesn’t expect is to fall hard for the top dog Cristian Amato, nor did Cristian expect to fall hard for Carter.

The story gets off to a quick start with some torture.  And lots of questions, the biggie being:  why is he being tortured?  The answers unfold the longer you read on.  I won’t give away too many details, but you’re left wondering if this is the end for Carter or not.  It’s told in duel POV, and you get a good glimpse into the minds of both main characters.

Murder and Mistletoe by Mandy Greenwood

The prologue starts with what the story is going to be about:  murder and mayhem.

Miska is the head of a crime syndicate and lover of Kristoff and Adian.  Once the prologue sets the story in motion, not only does Miska have to worry about his life since someone is trying to kill him, but his two lovers are also giving him trouble which is far worse than dealing with the opposition.

I am not one for menage, but the trio’s relationship did intrigue me.  Adian seems to live elsewhere while Kristoff stays with Miska at his estate.  From the backstory, I’m assuming there is a novel about these three.

I did find the story interesting.  I’d class Kristoff as someone I’d like to know better because of his behaviour in the story.

Like the other short stories, this one also ends on a cliffhanger.

Little Tree by Taylor J. Gray

I must say this is my fave so far in the anthology.  Mattie, a young man on the streets is in an abusive relationship.  Kennen is a Master of a BDSM club he owns, and he’s in dire need of a “tree” for the Christmas party.

First off, I loved the world-building.  Yes, there is exposition at the beginning of the story, but the author makes it a great read, a deep look into the world of BDSM created, and how it operates.  There is no particular city named, so it felt like I was reading some kind of world the author built that didn’t exist in this reality, yet it was very much set in contemporary reality, is this makes sense.

As for Mattie and Kennen, the dynamics between them were great.  I adored Mattie.  He was sweet, and gullible, but had a quiet inner strength to survive whatever life sent his way.  As for Kennen, he didn’t want to care too much, but Mattie has a way of drawing people to him, and of course, Kennen was sucked right into the vortex of Mattie!  LOL.

The ending is wonderful HFN that gives a full wrap-up.  I won’t say what happens, other than if there is a sequel, I’d for sure read it.

Archer’s Boy by Claire Marta

The story of Archer, a hitman, gets off to a great start when he saves the life of a boy named Milo, whose parents have been murdered.  Trained by a man known as Hawke, Archer watches over Milo through the years and leaves him a stuffed rabbit every Christmas, but the tables are turned on this assassin when he becomes the target.

I can see why the author is a USA Today bestselling author.  The story is full of action, betrayal, romance, and enough twists and turns to keep a reader on the edge.  Her plotting is well executed, with two great leads, one a jaded assassin, and another ready to take vengeance on the one who killed his parents.

However, the full story isn’t available since it ends on a cliffhanger.

Unexpected Company by Leigh Kenzie

Mason is a psychopath hitman and Kade is his colleague, determined to have Mason all to himself, even though Mason protests he’d make a horrible partner since he can’t love.  I must say I really enjoyed this prequel. The characters jump off the page.  The dialogue is real and sharp, and the action is non-stop.  This is an intro to the author’s new series, and she has done her job of creating a world of interesting characters.

I highly recommend you give the new series a read because I have a hunch she will not disappoint.  I must say I don’t know which one I like better: Mason or Kade.  Mason’s more of a keep-to-himself person with his dark secrets while Kade is a livewire full of optimism.  They make a great pairing in the hitman field and in the bedroom.

Christmas at Theodon’s by Nicholas Bella

This story stars all the characters from the Chained in Darkness series, so there are many people to remember.  Besides being about vampires, it is also a daddy/son/grandson romance.  If you are a reader of the series, you will enjoy this Christmas treat, but if you aren’t, it’s a nice introduction to the series.

The Santa Contract by Faith Ryan

This is a prequel to a new series called the Contract.  It stars a recovering addict hitman named Deacon, who is out to kill Benji’s uncle.  For a short story, there are lots of twists and turns that make this a good read.  Already, I can see this will be a great series with the duo pairing up as a team to finish the business that was started in the prequel.

Both characters are unique and have their own sets of problems.  This is hinted at in the story.  I can only imagine what awaits them in the forthcoming novel.

Defying Santa by Elouise R. East

I didn’t read this one because it wasn’t my style, but I firmly believe others will like it.

Summoning Noel by Rory Cage

This one I couldn’t read since it deals with hell (I scare easily!).  Sorry, author.  I’m sure it’s a great story.


All in all, it seems like the anthology is an introduction to the upcoming series or new novels by the authors (with the exception of a couple who do have short stories that end on an HFN) with the proceeds going to charity.  If you enjoy an introduction to upcoming books and series, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this anthology.


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