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Since the release of Back Where You Belong, my m/m contemporary romance will be released soon, I thought I’d give you a teaser of what you can expect.  Check it out.


He rejected love the first timeNow he wants a second chance.

Blurb:  After having his love tossed back in his face, Hudson Suggashie has eliminated the word trust from his dictionary. Since his return to his Ojibway community, his suspicions are running high, all because one man is hinting at a second chance—the too-gorgeous and sexy ball-crusher who turned Hudson’s world to black fifteen years ago.

Stephen Brandt knows he screwed up big time when he rejected Hudson’s love, and he’ll do anything to win him back, even if it means being a mere bed buddy to the man whose love he aches to reclaim.

The longer the former best friends engage in their no-strings affair, they want something more—what they lost as teenagers. But Hudson isn’t about to open his heart again, leaving a desperate Stephen searching for a way to earn back the trust he broke, or for the second time, they’ll lose the greatest love either has ever experienced.

Genre(s): LGBTQ+, M/M Contemporary Romance, First Nations Romance
Heat Rating: Level 3
Publication Date: Coming Soon.
Publisher: eXtasy Books

This was a nightmare—a repeat of fifteen years ago.

Stephen shook his head. You’re not at the dock and you’re not a cowardly seventeen-year-old punk who’s afraid of what Dad and everyone else will say. Get your tail out from between your legs and go after him.

He darted into the bathroom and snatched his bathrobe off the hook. Holy Moses, he never knew what to make of Hudson. Yes, his anger had been justified in the past, but as for today, Stephen had assumed they’d settled everything.

Maybe his offer to help retrieve the truck, playing “Back Where You Belong” on his radio show, and what they’d shared while traveling to Red Lake had missed the mark? One thing about Hudson Suggashie—he always shot first and asked questions later.

Spell it out. He wants to hear that you love him.

“Wait!” Stephen couldn’t get his arms into the sleeves of the robe because he moved too fast. “For fuck sakes.” He finally wormed his way into the useless garment and tied the belt.

When he flung open the door, he gaped at an empty hallway.

Sweet Jesus, Hudson couldn’t get away fast enough. He must have run for the stairs. Where did he go, and would he come back?

Stephen swallowed. The last fight they’d had, Hudson had hopped a plane and bolted for Winnipeg. What if he’d fled for the reserve to pack and leave again? Stephen darted for the stairs since there wasn’t an elevator. But Hudson wasn’t on the staircase either. Maybe he was getting a room? Stephen popped out in the main hallway and dashed for the front desk a few meters away.

The clerk removed his glasses. He held his nose in the air. “Can I help you?”

“Yes.” Panting, Stephen blurted out, “Did Hudson Suggashie check in?”

The clerk slowly looked Stephen up and down. “I can’t give you information about guests—especially someone who isn’t wearing any clothes.”

Not a hint of heat flecked Stephen’s cheeks. This was an emergency. “Then can you ring his room, please?”

The clerk folded his arms. “There’s no room to ring.”

Stephen’s heart crashed to the worn rug. Hudson had bolted for the reserve. This was a nightmare—a repeat of fifteen years ago, and Stephen hadn’t seen Hudson for fifteen years after he’d boarded that plane.


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