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Book Hooks is a weekly meme hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers as part of the MFRW Authors Blog. Readers have the chance to jump from one author to another who share hooks from their current WIP (work in progress) or any previously published book.

For this week’s edition of Book Hooks, I give you a teaser from my upcoming release Back Where You Belong.

He rejected love the first timeNow he wants a second chance.

Blurb:  After having his love tossed back in his face, Hudson Suggashie has eliminated the word trust from his dictionary. Since his return to his Ojibway community, his suspicions are running high, all because one man is hinting at a second chance—the too-gorgeous and sexy ball-crusher who turned Hudson’s world to black fifteen years ago.

Stephen Brandt knows he screwed up big time when he rejected Hudson’s love, and he’ll do anything to win him back, even if it means being a mere bed buddy to the man whose love he aches to reclaim.

The longer the former best friends engage in their no-strings affair, they want something more—what they lost as teenagers. But Hudson isn’t about to open his heart again, leaving a desperate Stephen searching for a way to earn back the trust he broke, or for the second time, they’ll lose the greatest love either has ever experienced.

Genre(s): LGBTQ+, M/M Contemporary Romance, First Nations Romance
Heat Rating: Level 3
Publication Date: Coming Soon.
Publisher: eXtasy Books

When they reached Lake Manitou, a reserve the ice road cut through, Stephen guided the SUV beside one of the four pumps at the gas bar, a building constructed in the shape of a wigwam, hence its name—Wigwam Gas Bar.

His apology had gone over like an opening band at a rock concert getting booed off the stage. Instead of leading into a chat about trying again, Hudson wanted to meet other guys. Maybe Stephen deserved Hudson’s indifference after rejecting him fifteen years ago? Time ticked on, and Hudson had ticked along with it, which was what any normal, sane person did.

Stephen almost sighed. At seventeen, he’d blown the chance of a lifetime.

He got out of the vehicle and flung the door shut.

Joe Ataway meandered over, resembling a polar bear in his white snowsuit and balaclava. “Morning. Heading into town, are ya?”

“Yes.” Stephen yanked on his toque. “Can you fill it?”

“No problemo.” Joe ambled around the SUV.

Stephen reached into the back of the vehicle and snatched his parka, teeth rattling. Even a second of exposure iced his veins, so he quickly pushed his arms into the sleeves of the coat.

Hudson got out. He opened the other door while waving his mug. “Cold. I’m going to get a refill at the restaurant. Did you want one?”

“Sure.” Stephen slipped on his gloves. “Thanks.” He closed the door and darted toward the store.

He couldn’t believe Hudson wanted to fly into Winnipeg and chase guys. Stephen shoved on the store’s glass door. Maybe he should offer his body if Hudson desired to use someone for a night? At least it’d keep him out of another man’s bed.

Stephen stopped. Where did such a crazy idea come from? Hadn’t he vacated his comfort zone enough times already? Yes. However, thanks to Hudson, Stephen had no choice but to seek more courage.

He swerved around a rack of potato chips to reach the counter.

If Hudson balked at the suggestion, Stephen would die of embarrassment and heartbreak. There had to be another solution. He had to make the offer without sounding desperate. Yes, he was desperate, but Hudson didn’t have to know.

What if the proposition came from a logical point of view? Such as spending an evening together would save Hudson the cost of airfare and a hotel room? They were gay and lived in the same community. They had needs. How could Hudson say no to common sense?


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