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Today, I’m hosting author Gina Conkle’s latest release A Scot is Not Enough, book two in the Scottish Treasures series, a historical romance.  Be sure to read my review.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: A Scot Is Not Enough
Series: Scottish Treasures, Book 2
Author: Gina Conkle
Genre: Historical Scottish Romance

Gina Conkle’s newest stunning romance in her Scottish Treasures series features a fierce Scotswoman eager to break the rules and the man who vows to stop her.

A Gentleman of Virtue

Decent and ambitious, Alexander Sloane is finally a finger’s breadth from achieving the government post he’s worked towards for years. A minor task monitoring Bow Street funds for the Crown is his final hurdle. But he discovers more than he bargains for when his assignment leads him to the most captivating woman in London.

A Woman of Questionable Repute

Cecelia MacDonald has one mission: find and steal the sgian duhb, the ceremonial dagger taken from her clan by British soldiers during the Uprising of 1745. The coy and clever Scotswoman has never had any trouble using men to do her bidding and she’s enjoying the cat and mouse game she’s playing with the delectable Alexander. But when a mutual enemy proves deadly, she must rely on him for more than flirtation to gain the dagger.

An Explosive Partnership

As Alexander and Cecilia become unlikely allies, their desire for each other overwhelms them. When shocking secrets come to light, will Alexander realize loving the wrong woman is the right thing to do?

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Her hems covered his shoes. Heat bounced between them. His, hers. Emotions boiling. Miss MacDonald looked as if she’d come fresh from a tussle, cosmetics smudging smoky lines around her eyes, and her lips faded carmine. A proud, glorious, passionate mess. A woman who didn’t like needing a man.

Her brows pinched, the fight fading from her eyes. “I . . .”

He waited, but whatever needed out wouldn’t come easily.

“Let me refresh your memory. You said, ‘Come with me, please.’ I detected a note of desperation in your voice. A woman who didn’t want to be alone.” A pause and, “Or are you about to tell me how mistaken I am?”

Composure rippled through her. She stood tall yet older as if the day had aged her.

“You’re right. I don’t want to be alone.”

Her voice was loneliness and a whiff of despair, the sound reaching into his heart.

Honest hazel eyes met his. “When I’m with you, I feel . . . safe.”

“Miss MacDonald, you’re not alone. With me, you never have to be.”

Her eyelids quivered shut as if he’d delivered a healing elixir and she the dying woman who needed it. Blue shimmered seductively on her shoulder. A gap showed between skin and silk, a fragile shadow. An opening. He touched it and won her sharp inhale. Miss MacDonald trembled when he slid the fabric off her shoulder. The hat she held slipped to the floor.

His gaze dipped, fascinated by two hard nubs straining against silk.

He dragged both sleeves down her arms. This was heady, the sight of her skin intoxicating. Miss MacDonald wavered, a flush spreading up her chest and neck. She gripped his waistcoat, twisting the cloth in both hands.

Mere inches separated them when she said a resentful, “I don’t want to want you like this.”

He crushed her sleeves in both hands.

“You mean the unceasing need to breathe the same air as mine, to hear my voice as I crave yours, the anticipation, hanging on what you might say or do next because you are the most irritatingly captivating creature.” He exhaled long, his breath stirring her hair. “That kind of not wanting to want someone?”

Her lust-black gaze enthralled him.


“Now you know how badly I want you.” His voice was hoarse, primitive.

Her mouth was inches under his. “Why?”

Desire unspooled, maddening carnal layers of it. He slid both hands into her hair. Bright red earbobs slanted on his wrists and hairpins clattered to the floor. His fevered hands roamed over her neck, her shoulders, and her hair.

Her grip on his waistcoat was unyielding.

“Why, Mr. Sloane? Why me?”


The time period and the social positions of the characters is what drew me to this novel.  It’s very rare I get to read about Georgian London.  The author doesn’t disappoint, either.  Her research is impeccable.

As for the two main characters, as stated in the blurb, they are worlds apart.  Cecelia MacDonald is a mistrustful woman who will use any means necessary to carry out tasks.  But Alexander Sloane is the opposite.  He is a man of his word and faithful to the crown (at least he thinks he’s faithful).

Both characters have wonderful arcs, and in order for the changes to occur in them, they require each other.  The author did such a great job showing this throughout the novel. I must say I was most impressed with Cecelia.  She is a great lead, tough yet tender and caring beneath the façade she presents to the whole.  I loved how Alexander managed to work his way to the core of whom she truly is.

The same for Cecelia when it came to Alexander.  As ambitious as he is, he’s an honest man, and he’s learning not everything is as it seems, or as black and white as he likes to believe—how he views the world.

Then there is a lot of action going on, and even mystery.  I must say I LOVED who was responsible for everything that transpired.  What a wonderful character.  I’m one who enjoys a good villain, and this villain did not disappoint.  I know I’m being vague, but I don’t want to spoil the novel for other readers.

The cast of secondary characters are also wonderful to read about, especially Jenny and Mary.  The same for the mysterious Mr. Macleod.  It makes me wonder if he’ll get a novel of his own.

My only quibble is the heavy narration in parts that stops great scenes of dialogue to wander off on a path of exposition.  This does happen throughout and made me want to skim in some areas.

Still, this is a great read with great characters.  The romance between Alexander and Cecelia is very believable, and trust is slowly built between the two.  I loved how slow it happened, because a woman with Cecelia’s background isn’t going to simply trust any attractive man.

The ending was wonderfully executed.  Right up until the last of it, the reader is left wondering what will happen.

Do yourself a favour and get a copy.  You won’t be disappointed.


Gina’s fate was sealed when her mom read aloud the poem, The Highwayman—the perfect historical romance hook. But, Gina grew up in California where no dukes or Vikings live. She always did prefer stone castles over sand castles and books over beaches.

Years ago, she fell in love with her favorite hero, Brian, and they eloped to Vegas at midnight. Together, they raised two sons who like history almost as much as their mom.

Nowadays, Gina pens sparkling Georgian romance with a dash of Scots or Viking romance with heat and adventure. When she’s not writing, you can find her wandering a museum or with her nose in a book.

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    Thank you for sharing your review of A Scot Is Not Enough, I like the cover, synopsis and excerpt and I am looking forward to reading this story myself

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    I am such a fan of Gina Conkle and her books, especially her series books. I am so hooked on them.

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