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Today, I have author D.K. Girl in the interview chair.  We’re discussing her latest release The Bandalore, book one in the Diabolus Chronicles, a historical m/m Gaslamp/fantasy.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


1. Hi, Danielle. I see you live in Tasmania (my dream place to live). Can you share about this wonderful place, and can you also share about your everyday life?

Danielle: It is certainly a slice of heaven. My family have lived here for a long time but I only moved here about 5 years ago and don’t regret it. It’s been especially fantastic during the pandemic, being an island state. The natural beauty is off the charts, and I haven’t explored the half of it yet. It is beautiful but at the same time there is a haunting quality to many parts of it. A sense that you are truly at the world’s end. I have set my YA Scifi series here in Tasmania, and the landscape is also being used for a lot more TV shows and movies as a setting, thanks to the ethereal quality of the place. Everyday life is pretty unexciting! I spend a lot of time at home with the kitties, writing, editing, marketing. But I get out for bushwalks as often as I can. I’m spoilt really because there is a mountain on one side of me, and a gorgeous beach on the other. The restaurants here are WAY too tempting too.

2. I’ve been perusing your Goodreads page, and noticed you are drawn to fantasy romance. What draws you to this genre?

Danielle: Fantasy all the way for me, with a little dribble of Sci-Fi in there for good measure. I’ve always loved fantastical worlds. I was obsessed with The NeverEnding Story as a kid – the Swamp of Sadness scene still kills me to this day. But now that you’ve asked why I’m drawn to it, I’m not sure I can explain it. Escape? Freedom of imagination? Pretty elves and hot broody men with swords? Unicorns. I get asked by friends and family why I love fantasy (in TV, movies, books), and I usually reply with ‘Why do you not?’ ha ha.

4. You write Gaslamp. Please explain to me what Gaslamp is.

Danielle: So, to me Gaslamp fantasy is any story set in a Victorian England setting. One definition of the genre is a ‘a sub-genre of fantasy and historical fiction’ which is probably a little broad, considering it is really just the 1900s, but it gives you a good idea. My favourite definition that I came across though was ‘Gaslamp Fantasy is Steampunk’s more magically inclined cousin.’How adorable is that?

3. Your latest novel is The Bandalore, book one in The Diabolus Chronicles. Can you tell me what inspired you to create this series?

Danielle: So the two main characters came to me first, and here’s a fact I’ve not revealed before, I actually wrote two books, one for each MC but they were based in an Urban Fantasy setting. Modern day Pitch and Sickle! But it was around the same time I was trying to decide which direction I wanted my writing to go. I have always loved history, and am drawn to stories with historical settings, so I had a light bulb moment – why the heck aren’t I writing historical stuff? So, into the Victorian Era Pitch and Sickle went 🙂

5. When first developing The Diabolus Chronicles, did the plot come first or the characters?

Danielle: The characters were definitely there first and in particular Silas Mercer. But almost as soon as they were born I was wondering what to do with them. the plot has gone through a bit of a metamorphosis, as they do, but I knew I wanted it to be based around a real mythology. I did that with my Scifi series ‘Metal Angels’ too. I love having a ‘real’ foundation to my stories, so I hunted around until I came across the Book of Enoch and the story of the Watchers and there it was.

6. Let’s talk about the main character Silas Mercer. What do you love most about him and what makes you want to shake him?

Danielle: I definitely have a soft spot for Silas. Not least of all because he is the quintessential gentle giant (and based physically on Jason Mamoa who is just hotness personified.) but he is just so damned sweet. He’s the patient, attentive, gentle person I wish I could be! Ha. But he’s also not going to stand for anyone’s crap if the person he loves is threatened. I actually couldn’t shake him, he’s too damn big and built for that, but sometimes I do want to say to him ‘stop being so kind, you’re going to get yourself hurt!’ Especially when it comes to Tobias.

7. The same for Tobias Astaroth. What do you love most about him and what makes you want to shake him?

Danielle: Aaah Tobias. He is SO much fun to write. He’s a jerk. Plain and simple. A giant pain in everyone’s butt, and very hard to love in the beginning. I don’t just want to shake him, I want to slap him! But, no one is ever quite what they seem, and I hope the reader falls in love with this guy as much as I have writing him. He has needed someone like Silas Mercer all his life, to bring out the side of him that he’s buried very, very deep.

8. Without giving away any spoilers, what was your favourite scene to write for The Bandalore and why?

Danielle: I would say it was Silas’s first foray into the world of the supernatural on behalf of The Order. He is sent to a seance at a baron’s mansion, and is totally out of his depth. It’s also where he first meets Tobias, and any scene where both my boys are present is fantastic fun to write.

9. If a reader asked you why they should read The Bandalore, what would you tell them?

Danielle: If they are a fan of super slow burn romance, very hot men in very beautiful clothing, set in a gaslit world where there are all kinds of fantastical beings lurking in the shadows, then this is the book for them. The Bandalore is all about being transported, losing yourself in a world of supernatural suspense. It is about two very different men slowly finding their way to each other, and learning to trust one another in a world that is slowly coming undone.

10. What do you enjoy most about writing?

Danielle: Bringing characters and worlds to life. There is no greater thrill than reading a review, or having people talk to you about your characters as though they are living breathing people.

11. What do you enjoy least about writing?

Danielle: Bringing characters and worlds to life! ha ha – It’s definitely a love hate thing for me. It can feel like being stuck in quicksand at times, trying to put all the pieces into place. I’ve lost count of the number of hours I’ve spent staring into space, wondering how the hell I pull a storyline together.

12. What are you currently working on? Care to share about your latest WIP?

Danielle: So it’s all about The Diabolus Chronicles for me at the moment. I’m currently writing Book 5 in the series, and I intend for there to be 7 or 8 books in total. I’m hoping to have Book 5 done by June….no, wait…I WILL have Book 5 done in June! Positive thinking.

13. I enjoy doing random questions, so humour me:

  • What’s your favourite movie?
    The classic – The Goonies!
  • What book is currently in your e-reader?
    Trial by Fire – Ariana Nash
  • Who’s your favourite musical group?
  • What song puts a smile on your face?
    Stay Gold – BTS, and Peek A Boo by Red Velvet because the film clip is so funny.

14. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Danielle: Thank you so much for having me! And just wanted to say that The Greensward is out April 13 🙂 Preorders are up now.


Book Title: The Bandalore – Pitch & Sickle Book One
Series: The Diabolus Chronicles 1 (Book 4 in the series is due out April 13th)
Author: D K Girl
Genre: Historical MM, Gaslamp, Fantasy
Tropes: Slow, slow burn, opposites attract
Themes: Loneliness and friendship
Heat Rating: 2 flames
Length: 285 pages
Release Date: February 25, 2021

1885 London, England

Silas Mercer died once. He’d rather not do it again.

On his return to the world of the living, Silas finds himself in the hands of the mysterious Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The Order has London society clamouring for their services, with tarot readings, seances and exorcisms among their arcane specialities. Now they seem intent on making Silas their newest recruit. But they want far more from him than cheap parlour tricks.

When the Order partners him with the scandalous rake, Tobias Astaroth, Silas’s new life is turned on its head in more ways than one. Tobias is quick-tempered, dangerously charming, and far more than the man he seems.

For Silas, surviving what the Order has planned for him will be a challenge.

But finding a way to survive Tobias Astaroth could prove impossible.

Note:  It is not a standalone book. This is the first book in the Gaslamp Fantasy series, The Diabolus Chronicles.

Warning: Sexual content, violence and rather a lot of cursing.


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Mr Astaroth was clearly drunk. Reason perhaps why he failed to be wearing any shoes. Silas noted the large brown stain upon the white of his linen shirt with great consternation. The mark appeared not dissimilar to blood. His dark trousers bore a tear at his right thigh, and the material at his knees was notably caked with dirt.

Gilmore cried out, more pain in the sound this time. ‘You’re breaking my leg, you bastard.’

Silas looked to the bandalore, hoping there might be a musical direction sung to him. But the wood was quiet. He should go to the man’s assistance, Silas needed no magical trinket to tell him so. Man, or gnome, Gilmore was in clear distress. But Silas hesitated.

‘Dear me, do you think I would truly do such a thing?’ Tobias’s words got away from him, slipping and sliding from his intoxicated tongue. A shadow curved around his right eye, a rising bruise.

‘I know you would,’ Gilmore hollered. ‘You crave harm more than your cock craves fucking.’

With no warning, Tobias landed a punch against Gilmore’s belly. Half-hearted as it was, it at last spurred Silas from his reticence. He took a step forward.

‘Now, see here-‘

‘Tobias! Set him down, now.’ Jane moved across the green, clad in a nightgown of the most delicate white lace. Combined with her airy way of moving, it was as though a ghost rushed towards them. ‘Now, Pitch. I will not ask you again.’

The man’s smile was a cruel slash across his damaged face. ‘As you wish. Catch him if you can.’

He lowered Gilmore and seemed certain to set him down, albeit on his head, but at the very last moment, he drew back his arm and swung the frantic Gilmore straight up into the air. Without an ounce of effort apparent, Tobias’s throw sent the screaming, kicking man skyward. Soaring higher even than Silas’s cottage roof.

‘Help me!’

Gilmore seemed to hang in the air for a moment. His scream curdled the blood.

‘Gilmore!’ Silas dashed in beneath the unfortunate gnome, seeking to position himself so he might catch Gilmore when he fell. A dangerous notion, considering the speed of descent, but the man would surely suffer grievous injury otherwise. Silas glanced at the grinning man at his side. The viciousness that simmered within Tobias Astaroth’s emerald eyes was breathtaking.

‘Stop!’ Jane’s command came with a rush of violent wind. A great force swept past Silas, lifting the hairs on his head. The gust swept in beneath the tumbling Gilmore, and at once his downward journey halted in a dead stop in midair. The gnome sobbed, hanging limp against his invisible support, drifting slowly down, a leaf upon a gentle breeze.

‘Why must you ruin my fun?’ Tobias folded his arms, staring hard at Jane as she approached, a pout upon his full lips.

The sun drifted from behind a cloud, its rays setting his eyes alight once more, and marking the pronounced angles of his face. Despite his notable injuries, his odd beauty, accentuated by bowed lips and long dark lashes, was still evident. Rather captivating, if Silas were honest, but he’d just now glimpsed a ferocity beneath the delicate exterior which lent it a certain ugliness.


Danielle K Girl is an Aussie who lives in stunning Tasmania with her three furkids, cats Luffy, Sweetie and Ren.

Her idea of heaven is a farm full of rescue animals, with a vegie garden that sprouts peanut M&M’s and chocolate wheaten biscuits.

When she’s not keyboard-deep in mysterious, beguiling worlds, she is binge watching K-Dramas, listening to K-Pop or hiking through the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness.

Find Danielle: Blog/Website | Facebook | Instagram | Newsletter Sign-up


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