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Today, I’m reviewing author Liza Malloy’s latest release Mafiosa Princess – Honor, the third book in the Mafiosa Princess series, a contemporary romance.  Be sure to read my reviews of the first and second novels.

Title: Mafiosa Princess – Honor
Series: Mafiosa Princess, book three
Author: Liza Malloy
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Mafia
Pages: 311 pages
Publication Date: March 22, 2022
Publisher: Teal Street Publishing

Every family has its secrets…

Blurb:  Giada Conti’s life couldn’t get any crazier. After bouncing back and forth between two men who love her, Giada finally chooses Adrian. But when gangsters retaliate against Giada’s father, it’s Luca that comes to her rescue.

As the dust settles, Giada begins to question everything in her life and realizes how naïve she’s been. Giada struggles to reconcile Luca’s ultimate sacrifice with the man she thought he was. And in a world without Luca, Giada is forced to accept the finality of her decision to return to Adrian. As she sets off to find closure in her relationship with Luca, Giada soon learns that nothing is as it seems.

Mafiosa Princess- Honor is the third book in the steamy romance series that will keep you hooked till the end.

The Mafiosa Princess series is intended for mature audiences only and the books will be best enjoyed if read in order: Mafiosa PrincessMafiosa Princess- Sacrifice, then Mafiosa Princess- Honor.

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The third book in the series starts off where the last book ended.  It also features three POVs.

I must say, Gia has really grown in this novel.  Not only do we see her make a true decision, but afterward, she questions her decision.  This comes about when the author takes the time to explore Gia’s faith.  I must say I enjoyed this part of Gia’s spiritual side and devotion to the church.  This is the highlight of the novel.

As for Adrian, my heart went out to him.  He’s a really good guy, and keeps showing what a wonderful man he is just by the one thing he did for that mangy mutt (I hope he keeps the doggie).  And being such a good man who can complement Gia’s spiritual devotion makes me think we have not seen the last of him.  He’s too good of a guy to just cast off.

Then there is Luca.  The author did an excellent job showcasing his feelings, his emotions, and what is driving him.  This is a man groomed to become a don, and it shows in his devotion to “the family” and his father.  It’s a part of his blood and something that is going to really drive a wedge between him and Gia.

The characters have really come a long way from the first novel.  I will say Honor is my favourite so far, just because we really get a good look inside of the three main characters and what drives them.

The author really knows how to build tension because there is so much hiding in the background that makes a reader crave answers to.  I know I wanted answers, so I can hardly wait for the fourth installment to the series.

The pacing is tight.  There is never a dull moment in this novel and I savoured every single written word.  No skimming for me during certain scenes!  The author also does a great job getting the reader from one place or one scene to the next.  There are no lags of too much description or unnecessary conversations and actions.  She also doesn’t delve too much into detail into the workings of the mafia unless it relates to the plot.  Well done.

The romance between Gia and Luca is something else.  Their chemistry literally jumps off the page, and the same could be said for the quiet, steady, warm and fuzzy love she shares with Adrian.

Now I don’t know who to cheer for!  LOL.  And of course the ending leaves you wishing you could pick up the next novel and read it right now.

I highly recommend you give this series a read.  It has become my favourite.  Do yourself a favour and delve into the mafia world the author has created.

Have you read Mafiosa Princess – Honor?  If so, do you agree with my review?  If you haven’t read the book, would you be willing to now?

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