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Today, I’m hosting author Kim Allred’s latest release Seduction in Blood, book one in the Of Blood & Dreams series, a paranormal romance.  Be sure to read my review.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: Seduction in Blood
Series: Of Blood & Dreams, Book One
Author: Kim Allred
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: March 22, 2022

A thief. A vamp. A walk on the wild side.

Blurb:  Cressa Langtry escaped an abusive home to live on her own terms. Now she’s known as Pandora, the best cat burglar and safecracker on the West Coast. Hounded by bounty hunters, one successful job would go a long way in clearing what she owes.

With an unfortunate twist of fate, Cressa’s debt is turned over to the city’s most notorious and ancient vampire – Devon Trelane. Complete one mission and she can leave the vampire world, and his home, free and clear.

Devon has lived a long life—many of them excommunicated from the Vampire Council. Though still a successful businessman, he can’t forgive the one vampire that cost him his seat on the Council.

Unrest builds between the vampires and shifters, discontent that could be avoided if the Council would see reason. One vampire stokes the fires of division, the one who forced Devon from the Council through lies and deception. The one person who holds the secrets that could return Devon to a seat of power and stop the war that threatens.

Luckily, a thief has fallen into Devon’s lap. A woman with the skills he requires to take down his greatest enemy.

There’s only one hitch—a simple business arrangement is complicated when their dreams collide and engulf them in passion.

Note:  THIS IS A CONTINUING slow-burn romance series.


The way he said my name never failed to heat my blood, full of desire and hunger with that touch of impatience. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his shoulders, feeling his muscles bunch as he lifted me so I could wrap my legs around his waist with my dressing gown hiked to my hips.

His body molded to mine, wrapping me in his spicy scent and making my skin glow with equal need. I ran a hand over his hair, grasping a handful to pull his head back so I could see the need in his gaze as I kissed him. His lips were molten hot, and he found no impediment as his tongue pushed through to meet mine, branding me.

I pulled him closer, wishing we were skin on skin and wondering why not. I tugged at his shirt as his lips moved to my neck. The scrape of his fangs re-energized the goosebumps, and I shivered.

He pulled back, and his eyes bored into mine, hot and greedy. “Are you sure, Cressa?”

My eyes popped open, and I jumped out of bed, tripping over the sheets and falling to the floor.

What the hell just happened?

Was that a dream? I sat on my ass and recalled the entire scene. It was so real. I touched my lips. They were damp, and I still smelled the roses and his spicy scent.

I dragged myself up and stumbled to a chair, not ready to return to bed. The whole dream, and yes, it had to have been a dream, was the most realistic and erotic I’d ever experienced. And with a vampire? Where had that come from?


When I read the blurb, I was in.  A cat burglar and a vampire?  Sounds awesome.  And Cressa is an exceptional cat burglar with disturbing dreams.  She’s also a wonderful character who I wouldn’t call kick-ass, but strong in her own way, and I really liked her.  She’s a heroine readers will relate to.  I couldn’t help but admire her profession and how good she was at it.  But not excellent, because she does get caught stealing in the first chapter.  I must say there is nothing I adore better than an imperfect heroine.

As for Devon, I liked that he wasn’t all out alpha.  Is he strong?  Yes.  Determined?  Yes.  But there is an underlying tenderness and care he has for others that I really admired.

The world-building is spot on.  I enjoyed how the author developed the vampires, the council, and the shifters.  There are rules and regulations they must also follow.  As I read, I saw the setting as almost gothic but quite contemporary.

The secondary characters also add much to this serial.  I especially liked Simone, a vampire who aids Cressa.  There is mystery to Simone that left me wondering if she is really friend or foe.

The romance between Cressa and Devon is slow burn, and both have plenty to hide.  These secrets, and hints of them, is what keeps the pages turning.  Well done, author.  There dreams also connect them, and they produce a lot of chemistry between Cressa and Devon.

As for the plot, it moves at a good pace.  At times it lags a bit with heavy narration but it doesn’t distract from the story.  The dialogue is spot on and is true to each character.

Overall, this book is a great start to the series.  Some issues are resolved, and this I liked, but the series arc continues, as does the budding romance between Cressa and Devon.  I recommend you give the series a read.  The first book is more than just an opening to the series, but a story in itself.  The world building is brilliant and the characters are easy to root for.  Do yourself a favour and get yourself a copy.


Kim Allred lives in an old timber town in the Pacific Northwest where she raises alpacas, llamas and an undetermined number of free-range chickens. Just like AJ and Stella, she loves sharing stories while sipping a glass of fine wine or slurping a strong cup of brew.

Her spirit of adventure has taken her on many journeys including a ten-day dogsledding trip in northern Alaska and sleeping under the stars on the savannas of eastern Africa.

Kim is currently working on the next books in the Mórdha Stone Chronicles and Masquerade Club series.

Find Kim:  Web Site | Facebook | Goodreads | Instagram | Pinterest


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