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Today, I’m hosting award-winning and international bestselling author Tina Donahue’s latest release, Privilege, book two in the Valesky Crime Family series, a dark mafia romance.  Be sure to read my review.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


Title: Privilege
Series: The Valesky Crime Family, Book 2
Author: Tina Donahue
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance

She’ll destroy the mobsters who murdered her brother… unless they kill her first.

Blurb:  District cop Lia Blosky warned her twin brother not to get involved with the Valesky Crime Family. He didn’t listen. Now, he’s dead, tortured horribly before mobsters murdered him. Out for blood, she’ll do anything to see these monsters dead.

FBI Special Agent Adrian Kalin is connected to the Valesky Family in a way he loathes and doesn’t want. His stepfather rules the syndicate and is tired of Lia threatening to kill him and others responsible for her brother’s death. To shut her up for good, he orders Adrian to murder her. Who better than an FBI agent who has no connection to her and knows how to hide evidence?

Adrian resists, but if it comes down to saving Lia or his brothers and mother from Dimitri’s rage, he’ll have to choose family.

In a deadly game between each other and the mob, Lia and Adrian fight to survive… while also surrendering to their undeniable attraction to each other.

This is book two in the Valesky Crime Family series, can be enjoyed independently and has an HEA.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary dark mafia romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, adult themes, and possible triggers for some readers.

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Done with her obstinance, I crowd her.

Her flowery shampoo and perfume fill me. Her heat entices my dick to a monster hard on, urging me to free it. I struggle not to touch or kiss her.

She doesn’t back down or step away.

Neither do I. “Would you like a bigger audience than those two old women while we speak out here about your possible involvement in your brother’s mur—”

Mine?” Red stains her forehead, cheeks, and throat. She grits her teeth to the point her neck muscles bulge. “You’re accusing me of being in on his torture and death?”

“You tell me,” I say. “Not that I believe you’ll be forthcoming since you’re so fucking reluctant to let me conduct my investigation as I should.”

“In private, you mean. Fine.” She steps back. “We’ll do so in my car, not yours. That’s my final offer.”

I want to put my fist through the building’s brick façade then pull her by the hair to my vehicle. With both options being impossible, I back down. For the moment. “Lead the way.”

Rather than do so, she tilts her head and regards me.

Why, I don’t know. Nor can I determine her mood. She’s hiding it as well as I do my own.

We’re alike in too many ways. That would be great if we were dating. Since we’re not, and never will be, this is turning into a pissing mess.

“My car’s an older Hyundai Elantra,” she says. “Four-door sedan, red paint. It’s in the southwest corner of the lot at the next street corner. I parked beside a black pickup. It should still be there. The guy who drove it entered the gym at the same time I did and hasn’t come out. Go on,” she says then glances past me. “You lead, I’ll follow.”

When this is over—if it ever is—I’m going to smack Michael for suggesting I reason with her. She keeps proving how impossible that is. I should have simply blindsided her, like a serial killer would, dropped her in my trunk, driven her to a safe location, then forced her to stay there.  Somehow.

Out of options, I say the only thing I can. “Are you afraid I’m going to kill you?”

Her color drains. “Was that your plan?”

Not in her mind, until I mentioned it. Her shock’s too obvious. “No. Let’s go.” I lean in. “Make sure you follow and don’t take off running down the street. I’m bigger, which means I’m faster.”

Her gaze dips to my legs then inches up and settles on my groin.

My cock blossoms. Cursing it inwardly, I hope she doesn’t notice my arousal.

“Don’t be so sure about being quicker,” she says, then lifts her face to mine, defiance in her eyes. “You’d be surprised what I can do when I’m determined.”

Nothing concerning her shocks me. What’s baffling is how much I enjoy it. “Guess we’ll see.”

Following her directions, I’m soon far ahead, her pace slow as she takes me in.

Thank God my back and ass don’t give away my filthy thoughts: her nude and handcuffed to my bed, me punishing her for being so goddamn headstrong, kissing her reddened ass after spanking it, slipping my stiffened cock into her mouth, cunt, and anus, making her beg and scream for more as I roar my satisfaction.

Like that will ever happen.

Having reached her car, I lean against it, arms crossed.

Most women, who aren’t coming onto me, would glance away at this point.

She holds my gaze, her face giving nothing away.

Her erect nipples do. Her backpack’s at her side rather than hiding them.

At last she joins me.

“Took you long enough,” I say.

She flicks her gaze at me then lifts her fob and opens the car. “Get in.”

Like I’m a perp.

Her cop voice should set me on edge. Instead, my balls compress and my shaft pushes against my boxer briefs making them feel too restrictive.

Once I’m on the passenger side, she takes her sweet time getting behind the wheel then lowers her backpack near her door instead of tossing it in the back.

She does have a gun in there. If not that, a knife or some other weapon. Possibly mace or bear spray.

Being a woman, even as a cop, must suck. Given my size, I’ve never worried about anyone harming me, except for Dimitri. His physical abuse stopped when I grew bigger than him… his mental torture goes on and on.

She leaves her door open and looks at me. “Buckle up.”

“To sit here?” I make a show of glancing around. “No one’s directing their vehicle at yours. None are even moving. That means they can’t possibly crash into us.”

“I never said they would.” She looks out the windshield. “I’d simply prefer it. As soon as you do, we can discuss Jash’s case here, nowhere else.”

I could argue but there’s no point. I buckle up.

She doesn’t and shifts to face me, one hand on her backpack. “Talk. Tell me what you know about Jash’s torture and murder, including whether the FBI intends to investigate it or not.” She lifts her hand before I can speak. “Leave me out of it. We both know I haven’t done anything. That was BS on your part to get me in your car. I’d still like to know why you were so wedded to the idea. Go on.”

In the time I had to prepare for this, I’d imagined every scenario except this one. Not only are she and I alike, she’s also similar to Dimitri in how easily she put me on the spot.

Not liking it, I fess up. “You need to go into witness protection ASAP.”


Lia Blosky wants justice, and she’ll serve it her style.  With her hands tied by crooked cops in her department, she must go rogue to get revenge against a horrible mobster who tortured and murdered her brother.

The mobster, Dimitri Valsky, lives up to everything evil about him.  And he’s smart enough to surround himself with guards.  But he is aware of Lia’s vengeance so he orders a hit on her.  He wants his stepson to kill her.

Adrian Kalin, FBI agent, is the stepson of the mobster, and he’s tasked with killing Lia.

I wanted to read this when I first read the blurb.  And the author didn’t disappoint.  It’s an edge of your seat ride that never stops until the Lia and Adrian acknowledge their attraction to one another.  There are many twists and turns, and interesting side characters such as Father Vic, Michael, and Toni.  Although Michael and Toni seemed to have had their own story in the first novel, reading their book isn’t a requirement.  Privilege is a standalone that centers on Lia and Adrian.

I really enjoyed Lia’s determination.  She wasn’t about to let anyone or anything stop her from seeking justice for her brother.  I must say I can’t blame her considering how her brother was tortured and killed.  It sure wasn’t pretty.

As for Adrian, he is the consummate hero.  Strong, take charge, and even a gentleman.  These two complemented each other because Lia had the independence and confidence to stand up to Adrian at every turn.  She’s a heroine readers will root for.

The pacing is tight from the beginning to the end.  There is no heavy exposition, and anything related in the first novel is told through dialogue that flows naturally.

The setting isn’t quite there.  I felt I could have been in any city within the USA, but that’s okay.  This novel is about the suspense and romance, and both were done well.

I recommend you give the book a read.  The writing is strong.  The characters are very likeable.  And the plot is believable and fresh.


Title: Target
Series: The Valesky Crime Family, Book 1
Author: Tina Donahue
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance

A Russian kingpin wants her dead… the only one who can stop it is the man sent to murder her.

Toni Flores loved her dream job working for a respected US senator until he raped her. She’s determined to bring him to justice, no matter the cost.

For years, Dimitri Valesky, head of a Russian crime family in America, has bought off those in government. Just like the senator responsible for Toni’s assault. When she won’t keep quiet about it and risks Dimitri’s business, he orders his stepson Michael to kill her.

Michael’s a lobbyist not a mafia enforcer. He refuses the insane demand, but Dimitri insists. The power he holds over Michael and his brothers is absolute… or so he believes.

Rather than murder Toni, Michael intends to romance her. Once he convinces her to keep quiet about the Senator, she won’t be a target any longer and Dimitri will back off on the hit. The plan falls apart and now they are dodging mafia enforcers, bullets, and Dimitri’s outrage.

Michael and Toni fight to stay alive and save those dearest to them as they also fall hopelessly in love.

This is book one in the Valesky Crime Family series and has an HEA.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary dark mafia romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, adult themes, and possible triggers for some readers.

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Once outside the capitol, my phone buzzes. The display shows my mother’s picture and name. Worried, I answer. “Mama, are you all right?”

“It’s me,” Dimitri says.

I squeeze the phone, wishing it were his throat. If Mama hadn’t married him… If she hadn’t been desperate about feeding and housing her boys when we were little…

Too late now for regrets. The SOB’s tentacles surround each of us. Unless, or until, I kill him, nothing will change. Before I speak, I make certain to mask my disgust. If I piss him off, he’ll take out his rage on my mother, his nearest and weakest target. “He’s voting your way. This time, he won’t change his mind.”

Khorosho.” Russian for good. “I knew you’d come through for me, Mikhail.”

Only because he has the proverbial gun to my head. There isn’t one thing I don’t detest about Dimitri, including his guttural voice. Despite having lived in the States since he was fifteen, he still has a thick accent.

Wanting to end this as quickly as possible, I lie. “I have another appointment. When I’m through with it, I’ll send you details of what Cyrus and I discussed.”

“That’s not why I’m calling.”

Despite the warmish spring weather, my skin goes clammy. “Is Mama all—”

“She’s fine, and will stay that way, as long you do what you’re told.”

I long to call him every vile thing imaginable but keep my tongue. Something I learned as a kid. His beatings were always worse if I cried or cursed him. If I was silent, that enraged him further, but he wore himself out faster. A win for me.

He clears his throat, but still coughs, thanks to his three-pack a day cigarette habit. Innocent kids get cancer, but not him. What a screwed-up world.

“I have another project for you, Mikhail.”

Damn. “What bill is it this time?”

“Not a bill. A woman. Toni Flores.”

I’m crossing the street when he says the name. My step pauses. Someone from behind bumps into me.

“She’s causing trouble,” Dimitri says. “You need to get rid of her.”


A different person bumps into me. I cross to the other side. “What are you talking about?”

“She’s causing problems for Stowe.”

Lucian Stowe is another senator Dimitri owns. “What kind of problems?”

“She’s been claiming to the police and anyone else she can that he sexually assaulted her. It’s not true, but she won’t stop lying about it and she never shuts her mouth.”

I hurry down the street to a less crowded area. “How do you know she’s lying?”

“Because I said so!”

In Dimitri’s world that makes perfect sense. “That’s no damn proof.”

“Even if she is telling the truth, it doesn’t matter!” He’s shouting louder than I did. “I need Stowe in my pocket! She has to be eliminated! I want you to do it.”

My stomach falls. “No. I don’t do that kind of work. Ever. Especially to a woman who’s—”

“I don’t care what she is or how you found out about her. I want it done. No arguments.”

Before I can speak, he ends the call.


Tina’s an Amazon and international bestselling novelist who writes passionate romance for every taste – ‘heat with heart’ – for traditional publishers and indie. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. She’s won Readers’ Choice Awards, was named a finalist in the EPIC competition, received a Book of the Year award, The Golden Nib Award, awards of merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competitions, and second place in the NEC RWA contests. She’s featured in the Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. Before penning romances, she worked at a major Hollywood production company in Story Direction.

On a less serious note: she’s an admitted and unrepentant chocoholic, brakes for Mexican restaurants, and has been known to moan like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally while wolfing down tostadas. She’s flown a single-engine airplane (freaking scary), rewired an old house using an ‘electricity for dummies’ book, and is horribly shy despite the hot romances she writes.

 Find Tina:  Website | MeWe | Twitter | Instagram | Bookbub | Amazon | Goodreads



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