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Today, I’m hosting author Lee Colgin’s lastest release, Mongrel, a historical, m/m paranormal romance.  Be sure to read my review of this novel.  And don’t forget to enter the King Sumo giveaway.


Book Title: Mongrel
Series: N/A
Author: Lee Colgin
Publisher: Colgin Enterprise
Release Date: November 18, 2021
Genre: MM Paranormal Romance
Heat Rating: 4 flames
Length: 76 000 words

A misfit wolf. A guilt-ridden vampire. A chilling mystery.

Blurb:  Mongrel, a creature more wolf than man, leads a lonely life on the fringes of pack society—until the night a handsome vampire shows up with a mysterious request.

Bowie—a vampire cursed to a life of endless nights—maintains close ties with his human family. When young girls in their village go missing, he must act quickly. But to find them, he’ll need to convince the local werewolf pack to loan him their best tracker—a wolf known as the Mongrel.

Though he hates the slur, Andras is used to being called Mongrel. When Bowie refuses to refer to him by anything but his given name, Andras can’t help a flicker of unexpected trust toward the stranger. He volunteers to help Bowie, risking banishment.

Can two tender-hearted men overcome their traumatic pasts and work together to rescue the girls before it’s too late? Or will the world’s most prolific killer snuff the flames of their passion along with the lives of her captives?

Note:  This steamy love story spans the country of Hungary as Andras and Bowie journey through cities and wilderness on their quest to right a killer’s wicked wrongs. Mongrel features a sweetly possessive werewolf, a cinnamon roll of a vampire, and the worst serial killer in history. A surprisingly fluffy MM Paranormal/Historical Romance considering the subject matter.  HEA guaranteed with loads of laughs along the way and no cliffhanger ending!

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The Kingdom of Hungary, 1610

I watch the ground pass by beneath my paws rather than risk meeting the eyes of the other wolves. They probably aren’t looking anyway, having better things to do than greet the mongrel, even on a full moon. I’ve spent so long pretending not to care it’s almost worked. Who needs them? Not me.

I give a full-body shake to settle my fur how I like it and amble toward the heart of the village, a cool night breeze keeping me company. The chattering of insects pings from the forest beyond a row of humble cottages as I continue past.

Anticipating tonight’s run has me eager. I imagine the frantic heartbeat of my prey as I target my dinner. Pent-up energy dances in my muscles, tickling every nerve and rumbling in my chest.

I love the hunt. Nothing else in my life brings the satisfaction I take from stalking, chasing, and tearing into my prize. It’s one of the few activities where the others tolerate my presence. Though they’ll never admit I’m the better predator, they’re always willing to devour the feast I provide.

Only Ava treats me as equal. She’s too old and frail to hunt for herself these days, but I’ll be sure to bring her a choice portion. Nothing beats a fresh meal, and she deserves the pleasure more than anyone.

It wasn’t always like this. I had friends once when childhood still sang with innocence and the world had yet to slam its doors on me. But remembering better times only brings sorrow, so I move forward to whatever tonight might hold.

Voices sound from fifty paces ahead. Odd because most of the pack would normally have shifted by dusk. Among them, a voice I don’t recognize floats to my ears.

“I must speak with your alpha,” says a smooth tenor, calm, though his timbre vibrates with urgency. “The matter is vital.”

Risking an upward glance, I scan the gathering. Jolan and Ozor, the pack’s enforcers, stand in their human forms facing the speaker, both tense and braced for a fight. But the stranger’s posture isn’t threatening. He’s neat, wearing charcoal stockings under a crisp blue tunic. Knee-high black boots gleam with a recent polish. Spine straight, shoulders back, weight settled in the heels, not the toes. Nut-brown hair hangs tied at his nape, most of it hidden beneath a fashionable black hat. If his features weren’t puckered with annoyance, he might be handsome.

I creep closer on silent paws, ears flicked forward.

“We’re busy,” barks Ozor. “Or hadn’t you noticed the moon? Come back another night.”

The stranger’s lips part, but before he can reply, Farkas storms through his front door.

Clad only in a pair of worn tan breeches, the pack alpha thunders down the porch stairs and into the commons. Even barefoot, Farkas is intimidating, towering head and shoulders over the others. His black eyes land on the stranger in a threatening glower, but the man isn’t shaken.

“You’re the alpha, I presume?” The stranger extends a hand, his movement graceful, as if he’s been invited to a friendly tea instead of invading hostile werewolf territory on a full moon.

Farkas ignores the proffered hand. “Your kind isn’t welcome here.”

Your kind. Wondering what that means, I inch forward so I can scent him for myself.

The stranger returns his arm to his side, fingers curled but not fisted. “And you have my apologies, but this couldn’t be avoided.” His eyebrows arch as he inclines his head. “We must speak.”

I sniff the air. His scent is masked by soaps. Lavender was used for his clothes, rose for his skin and hair, but beneath the added fragrance lies the spiced scent of blood—his own, yes, but also…someone else’s? That’s odd.

“Then speak,” growls Farkas. “What do you want from me, vampire?”

A vampire! I’ve never seen one before. He looks so…human. Fragile. Not what I’d expect of a blood-drinking night terror at all.


When I read the blurb, I was in.  I love historical romance, and to have one set in countries I’ve yet to experience while reading was a guarantee for something great.  And the author did not disappoint.

First, the setting.  This was painted beautifully.  I really felt as if I was in Hungary, witnessing Andras and Bowie’s travels.  I even learned much about the castles and history.

The two main characters were extremely likeable and very suitable for each other.  They had a slow burn romance going on that left me wondering when they’d finally do something about it.  I loved the build up of tension the author wrote.  Well executed.  Andras even has an arc.  Because of his stigma, he’s a vulnerable lonely werewolf, and through Bowie the vampire, and the journey they undertake to stop the killings and save the girls, Andras comes into himself.  It was kind of reminiscent of the movie Willow, one of my faves, where Willow also has to take the same journey, mind you Willow was relucent while Andras simply wanted out of the pack where he was an outsider.

The cast of characters who were introduced on Andras and Bowie’s travels were also very interesting.  I’d say the star of it was the mysterious Bettina.  Wow, did she ever blow me away, especially the villain they find who is taking the young girls and murdering them.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a book about those two!  Mind you I know it can’t happen, and I can’t say why, or I’ll “spoil” this review for those who’ve yet to read the novel.

The writing is top notch.  I enjoyed the words, sentences, and everything the author used to put this novel together.  The plot is well executed and the pacing is right on pace.

Do yourself a favour and get yourself a copy.  You won’t be disappointed.  Lee Colgin is a new author to me and for sure I’ll be reading her other works.


Lee Colgin has loved vampires since she read Dracula on a hot, sunny beach at 13 years old. She lives in North Carolina with lots of dogs and her husband. No, he’s not a vampire, but she loves him anyway. Lee likes to workout so she can eat the maximum amount of cookies with her pizza. Ask her how much she can bench press.

Find Lee:  Blog/Website | Facebook Group | Twitter | Newsletter Sign-up | BookBub


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