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October is I :::Heart::: Paranormal Romance month at my blog. During these next thirty-one spooky days, besides the usual blog posts, I’m featuring authors who write paranormal romance. Today, I have Amara Dey in the interview chair. We’re discussing No Mere Mortal, book one in the Decagnon series. Be sure to check out the excerpt.


1. What drew you to writing paranormal romance?

Amara:  I enjoy reading this genre, and got hooked on Harlequin’s Nocturne series.

2. What do you like most about writing paranormal romance?

Amara:  The magic of creating my unique contribution to PNR.

3. What do you like least about writing paranormal romance?

Amara:  The editing! But it is totally necessary.

4. Why did you write the book you are featuring?

Amara:  I was inspired by the stories of the Latin American Gods, the Orishas, (featured in this series), as told to me by a friend. And also to tip my hat to one of my most favourite genres.

5. Why do you think readers should invest their time in reading paranormal romance?

Amara:  It is pure escapism which is so welcome at any time, but especially in these anxious times.


Book Title: No Mere Mortal
Series: Decagon, book one
Author: Amara Dey
Sub-Genre: Deities
Book Length: 247 pages, 61,000 words
Release Date: January 2, 2019
Publisher: eXtasy Books

A non-believer must embrace magic to save the man she loves, and his magical realm, from destruction.

Blurb:  Venus Myles, orphaned at birth, is a London-based dance teacher and unaware of her divine lineage – that is until a strange encounter thrusts her into a world of gods and magic.

She learns from Bolt, a disgraced deity from the planet Decagon, that she is his realm’s savior, and a passionate connection sizzles between them.  But when Bolt unexpectedly disappears, a determined Venus travels to Decagon to find him and learn more about her destiny.

Assuming, of course, she can escape the powerful and deadly witch Ansa, who wants her dead, find Bolt, and tap into her dormant magical abilities.

And do it in time to stop an apocalypse that will destroy her, Bolt, his world, and his kind.

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Venus took Bolt’s face between her hands. “I understand. You needed an incentive. It’s a difficult task convincing a human she’s a demigod and your world’s savior.”

“But my reasons were self-serving.”

“Yet you’ve saved me again and again. Protected and cared for me.  I love how that makes me feel. And you didn’t have to admit your motives, but you did, which makes you honest. A trait I admire.”

Her words of forgiveness released her negative emotions and healed her heart, soul, and mind. And Bolt’s, too, judging by the softness in his eyes.

“I like the way your brain works.”

“Do you appreciate my mind and my body?” Venus unbuttoned Bolt’s tunic

Bolt shrugged it away, the undershirt he wore followed, and his soft look deepened to desire. “You know I do.”

Venus pressed a kiss to Bolt’s bare skin. He sucked in his breath, waved his palm along her zipper, and she found herself naked. Dress and underwear pooled around her feet…


Paranormal Romance Author AMARA DEY lives in London, England, and has done so for most of her adult life. She loves to write novels with a mortal/immortal love connection, served with a massive dose of sensuous other-worldly desire. With the added three D’s – daring, dangerous, deadly – she delivers hot, fast-paced page-turners. Born in Guyana, South America, her stories are multi-racial and multi-cultural, and her main female characters always have to overcome adversities to achieve their goals. A trait Amara hopes will empower her young women readers. Apart from writing, reading is Amara’s favored pastime and watching movies, Salsa dancing, and travel. She often wishes she were her chosen avatar, a mermaid, and could swim off to faraway lands. She holds a Degree in Business Studies and has worked in the Admin side of finance, law, and law enforcement over the years. Since high school, she has been writing on and off but felt like an Author when she finished her first novel – NO MERE MORTAL. (

Find Amara:  Web Site | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | MeWe

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